Sayulita, Mexico Day 4


And the vacation came to an end. We were so sad to leave this magical place but we’ll definitely be back. I wish we’d stayed a little longer but a big pile of work was waiting for me in San Francisco. I am currently working on some very exciting projects I can’t wait to share.


This is my very favorite shop in Sayulita, it is called Ula. Gorgeous embroidered dresses and pompoms everything: purses, necklaces, garlands, wall hangings, scarves…heaven! Such an inspiration!




sayu_40Waiting for our fish tacos to be served! One of the best place and the cheapest is right next door to Ula!



We finally went to the store I’ve heard a lot about: Pacha mama owned by the Mignot sisters. They have a gorgeous space with colorful suspended hammocks. Lula had fun playing with the dreamcatcher and coconut.












A last stop at gorgeous hotel Hafa, these colors! I could have spent hours there. I want the pillows and neon walls!









This little girl is always happy to eat!



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Sayulita, Mexico Day 3

I could live here. I love everything Sayulita has to offer. I was gonna say it will be hard to come back from these fantastic 5 days but I won’t complain, San Francisco isn’t bad either!

How fun is this mix of colors and prints on the beach? We had to try those chairs!

Another super fun shop! This one is called Revolucion Del Sueno. It has beautiful handwoven blankets,embroidered pillowcases and other fun accessories in colorful Mexican prints. I think I’ve never been to a city before where I wanted to buy so many things/souvenirs. Another very beautiful shop is Artefakto, I didn’t take photos of it but it’s definitely worth a visit.

I think we took photos on every colored wall in Sayulita, Lula is tired of posing…

Look at that headdress! The beading work on the tiger is gorgeous…but Lula wasn’t too sure about it.


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Sayulita, Mexico Day 2

Another amazing day in Sayulita, walking around the little town, eating fish tacos, swimming…and repeat, the best!

This shop is called Evoke, it has gorgeous jewelry, decorated skulls and blankets. I post some photos of that same shop on day 1 but they have two locations. This one is by the beach.

This is the super charming hotel Hafa. Hearts everywhere! We spent some time relaxing on the beautiful rooftop.

Pompoms, beach toys and fun bags everywhere!

And pretty walls…

Of course everyday we have to make a stop at a café to watch the world’s cup. This one had the cutest baby high chair so Lula watched the game too and was very excited, except when they won and everyone shout for joy she got scared and cried…

At the end of the day we went for a little hike in the jungle where we saw plenty of crabs and a Volkswagen beetle to finally arrive to the beautiful Mal Paso beach.


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Happy 10 Months!

My little lady is 10 months! I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating her one year old birthday in just a couple of months. She now has 2 teeth, still not much hair. She learned this week how to kiss so she keeps making a kissing face with the sound, it is very cute. The other day she said “bye” when we were leaving friends and waved. And she already flirts with boys…That first photo is the look she does when she sees one she likes! Oh and she loooves eating and trying new things like ice cream (just one little spoon of course) and drink water from our glasses.

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Sayulita, Mexico Day 1

We are having the best time in Sayulita. The little hippy/surfer town is even better than I expected, it is seriously the best and I am really considering to move there for a few months! It is so happy and colorful, people are so nice, it is very authentic and not too touristy. There are so many gorgeous little shops that sells local handmade products like hamacs, baskets, woven purses, blankets and pillows, embroidered dresses…I want to buy everything! It is pom poms heaven, I have never seen that many before and you know how much I love pom poms. It feels like this town was built for me. I fell in love with this village like I never did before. The house we rented on Airbnb is really great, we have a private little rooftop with a pool that is just perfect for Lula. We eat the best fish and shrimp tacos! It is super hot and humid but we get used to it quickly! I don’t bother blow drying my hair, so these are my wild and natural hair.

Sayulita is the coolest place, I want to stay for ever.


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Let the vacation begin!

Mexico here we come!

Tomorrow I am flying with my little family to Sayulita, a cute surfer town in Mexico I’ve heard so much about for the last couple years. We are finally going and I am so excited about it!

You know how much I love colors, so this place looks like a dream to me. I am really looking forward to walking around this colorful and happy little town, eating some fish tacos, listen to music (Lula shakes her butt every time she hears music, this is the cutest thing ever), having some beach/pool time with Lula, maybe try surf and of course shopping! Especially at Pacha Mama boutique owned by the famous Mignot sisters.

Paper swimsuit inspired by this very much wanted Mara Hoffman bikini and Karen Walker sunglasses!

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Absolutely NEED These For Lula!

These might just be the coolest baby sandals I’ve ever seen! But why are they £150! Whyyyy?!My sister who lives in London just discovered this super talented designer Sophia Webster and sent me the link. Aren’t they to die for?

Between the adorable Freshly Picked and these, it really makes me want to design my own line of baby shoes, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I am obsessed!

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Almost 10 months with Lula!

In 15 days to be exact. I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating her first birthday in a couple months!!! She’s is the sweetest and funniest little girl and I didn’t know it was possible to love someone that much. She now has two teeth, she dances when she hears music, she loves to chase Maggie and loves being chased, when I run after her crawling she goes hiding in her tepee this is too funny and cute! She eats fish, ham, zuchinni, aspargus, avocado…she likes pretty much everything! She like to drink water out of our glasses. She loves going on bike rides, she loves playdates with her little friends, she loves so much water she could stay in the pool/bath forever. She also likes to play by herself. She loves when we read stories to her, we recently got I am a bunny she likes it a lot. She likes when we sing to her, it’s been hard to put her on the changing table lately but everytime we start singing she would stop turning around and look at us and stay calm and listen with a cute little smile. We find ourselves singing and dancing in the streets…and we are having fun! We would just do everything to make her happy.

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Happy Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend? We got this baby bike seat about a month ago for my husband’s bike, he’s been talking (meaning obsessed) about it since I was pregnant! We go on family bike ride every weekend and Lula loooooves it! You should see her face when she rides and the sounds she makes! People say hi to her at the lights and she smiles at them. And of course the faster it goes the more fun it is for her. She hates when we stop! So I am just looking forward to another bike ride with my little family this weekend, a BBQ at a friend’s place, hunting for cool nightstands at the Alameda flea market and buying plants for our home!

Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend!

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Wanted / Baby Harem Pants

I am drooling over these baby harem pants at Cleobella. Trying to restrain myself from buying them all for Lula….but they look so comfortable and fun, I wish they had them in my size too.

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