Hello Fox!


Say hello to the bunny’s new friend! The fox kit is finally in the shop. To celebrate, enjoy a 15% discount on the entire shop but entering coupon code WELCOMEFOX until saturday!



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Summer Freshly Picked moccasins!

watermelon_pineappleIf there’s 2 summer prints I will never get tired of it’s the watermelon and the pineapple! I mean look at these super cute limited edition moccasins by Freshly Picked! Lula already has 7 pairs of mocks, is it too much if I get another pair?…I’ll be able to open a store soon!

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11 months!


Just one more month until Lula turns one! Where did the time go?

Her favorite activity lately is to hide under blankets and wait for me to find her. She waves now and applauds. She dances every time music is on. She can say mama and our cat’s name. The other day I was calling Maggie who was in the backyard, Lula repeated it, so funny. And now she repeats every time. She is such a happy baby! Since we turned her stroller seat to face the other way she waves and smiles at people and I always see people smiling back and say “nice shoes” and “aw, look at that headband”… I love her so much and I love being her mama. This is getting more and more fun every day!





Honest Company diapers and Freshly Picked moccasins is the best combo! I am obsessed with both. I started buying the diapers from Honest about a month ago and I loooove them. How cute are they? I mean look at those prints, so much more fun than the plain white and cuter than the cartoon character ones! Lula loves them too!




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Fun day at Yuba River!


We met with a few friends at Yuba River on saturday. It is about 2 hours and half north east from San Francisco near a super cute little town called Nevada City. We hiked for 20min to arrive to this magical place. We spent most of the day in the water, babies in floaters, we had a nice picnic and watched the babies play together. It was super fun and I can’t wait to go back. I wish I took more photos to show you the beautiful scenery. Thank you so much to our friends Anastassia and Dan who we met a few weeks ago in Mexico for inviting us to their annual trip to Yuba river’s secret spot.









Lula is wearing a Bobo Chose hat, Gap swimsuit and Zara sandals.


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Hello New Shades!


Do you know Jujubunnyshop? They have the cutest clothes for kids! Last week I discovered those fantastic dolphins shades on their accessories page. I couldn’t resist. They are not baby sunglasses, so Lula will have to wait another year probably to wear them but I just couldn’t wait for the photo and she was so happy when she put them on, I was actually very surprised she didn’t take them off.

On Lula’s wish list too from Jujubunnyshop: this fabric crown, the mini fanta bag and this cat hairpin (if only she had hairs…)




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Happy Meal / My Paper Art for McDonald


I was so excited last month when agency Alma DDB in Miami reached me to work on a new McDonalds campaign for the Happy Meal.  I mean who doesn’t know McDonalds? Funny thing actually, I’ve been trying to tell my american friends who I was working for during the project and they couldn’t understand the name, I had to say it like ten times and then spell it…I’ve been living in the US for almost 6 years now and there are still some words I can’t pronounce like squirrel or water! “Can I have a bottle of water please?” “I’m sorry what?” you should have seen me at the supermarket the other day…embarrassing.

So, I have had a lot of fun working this project. I hope you like it. I don’t really eat meat anymore but making those miniature burgers made me really hungry for one.

More from this campaign coming soon!




Happy Meal Animation v04 new music-HD 720p from Shortt and Epic on Vimeo.

Photography and editing by Dave Shortt.


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For Me and For Her: Pastel Like Candy


1/ Jujubunnyshop fabulous dolphins sunglasses, I am in love with these and the entire shop actually. I just ordered them for Lula even if they will probably be too big for now.

2/ Sophia Webster Violeta sandals. I am completely obsessed with this designer, have you seen her baby sandals?

3/ Freshly Picked Glacier moccasins, just another color to add in her closet!

4/ Shoppe La Lune mermaid necklace, how cute?! I couldn’t resist getting the soft blue and pink for Lula for when she is a little bigger too.

5/ Swatch candy watch!

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Mother Daughter Style #22 + Mama & Little Jewelry


I love wearing necklaces. I feel naked without. I have so many but never enough of them! I especially love pompoms ones. The thing is, Lula loves them a lot too, especially in her mouth! I don’t want to stop wearing them but I also want them to be safe for Lula to chew one.

I am so glad Mama & Little reached me on instagram to show me her fun line of teething jewelry for the hip mama and her little. I love that they don’t look like obvious teething jewelry and the colors are really pretty. The Teresa necklace is my favorite. I love the modern and geometric look of the hexagon beads. Both the mermaid and lavender colors combo are very nice and easy to pair with any outfit, from denim to any color shirt or cute dress.

For this look I am wearing a Billabong quilted vest, Zara tee and Levi’s pants. Lula is wearing a Levi’s scarf, Zara mini sweater and pants, neon Freshly Picked moccasins.










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Father Daughter Style #1

Thanks to Freshly Picked, Lula now has the perfect pair of moccs to match her dad’s style! No pink allowed! He is wearing a Benny Gold shirt, CPO Provisions shorts, Sebago shoes and Lennon Rayban. Lula is wearing a Levi’s scarf, Gap onesies, Zara mini shorts and the Freshly Picked camo.

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Mother Daughter Style #21 + 30% Off Amour Vert!


I was last week featured on Amour’s Vert blog. Thanks to my friend Katie, I recently discovered this environmentally conscious women clothing brand made in SF. Amour Vert only uses organic and sustainable fabrics and low impact dyes. One of my favorite piece for this summer is the green palm jumpsuit, I immediately fell in love with the print and cut, look at these ruffled straps! It is super comfortable and easy to wear and mix with fun accessories and colors.

Take a look at the super fun summer line including pineapple shorts and ikat pants. Get 30% off your purchase until the end of the month by entering coupon code CHLOEFLEURY30. Have fun shopping!



I am wearing the Amour Vert jumpsuit and a pompom necklace from Anthropologie. Lula is wearing a Wolfechild bonnet, Gap Onesies, Zara denim shorts and Freshly Picked neon moccasins.  The fur pillow is from Anthropologie and we are playing with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera.









Photos by Natacha Pope

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