In My Studio!


(Photos by Sabrina Bot)

A little sneak peek into my studio space, I promise one day I will show you the other side! I just have to do a little bit of clean up first 😉 I wanted to show you how my paper animals (here the flamingo and the swan) can look really fun in a space other than a kids space! A kitchen, a living room, restrooms! They can look good anywhere.





Desk and file cabinet – CB2

Pompoms basket – Eliza Gran Studio

Wall pink shelves, rug, silver chair – UO

Wire black chair – Modernica

White wall shelves – Ikea

Copper lamp – West Elm

Palm tree sneakers – Superga SF


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Hello From My New Studio!


Hey! I recently move into a new studio! It’s located in the sunny Mission District. It feels so good to have my own space and get ready everyday (I used to work in my pj’s and shower at 2pm). Before we had Lula, her nursery was my studio, then it became half nursery half studio but very soon I had to move all my stuff out of her room and put my desk in our bedroom. It worked for a few months but then I needed a real space dedicated to my work. I thought it would be hard at first because I loved working from home but I am really glad I made this decision. I ride my bike there everyday and the best thing is that it’s half way from our home and Lula’s nanny. So I can pick her up after my work day is done, she’s only 5 minutes away.

More photos to come soon! This one is from Maria Del Rio.

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My baby’s view from the crib / My workspace

(Photo by Modern Kids Photography

Remember how my working space used to look like? Well it changed a lot! We repainted the walls in white and grey. Now one side of the room is my desk, the other side is the nursery. So this is the view my baby girl will have from the crib. Just a sneak peek of her space. A little tour of the nursery is coming very soon on the blog!

(My space photographed by Kelly Ishikawa for Anthology magazine in the 2012 winter issue!)

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Happy Friday!

I hope you all had a nice week! Mine was about working on some new fun illustrations for a magazine that I’ll share with you soon, but for now just a sneak peek!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever your are! Here in the US, it’s memorial day on monday so we’ll enjoy a looong weekend that I will spend in Tahoe! Follow me on instagram to see the photos!

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My paper ladies in shadow boxes!

I finally found a nice way to protect my paper ladies. At first I thought having them behind a glass would hide them because of the reflection but I found those shadow boxes that I think work really great. I love that they are white because it make the inside pop more and it looks really nice on the wall. I’ve been selling high quality prints of my illustrations on my shop but it’s always better to buy an original pice right? especially if it is three-dimensional.

So I will be selling some of these in my shop soon and I also accept custom order! If you want a portrait of your family, of your house and bike… anything! Just ask me at and I’d be happy to discuss the project with you.

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Featured in Refinery 29!

I am so honored to be featured in Refinery 29 this week! I had the pleasure to meet with Angela Tafoya and Katie Hintz-Zambrano who are the San Francisco editors. Fashion is a big inspiration in my work so it was so fun to be photographed by Maria Del Rio in 4 different outfits and spots in my apartment/workspace.

Read the interview on Refinery 29!

(Photos by Maria Del Rio and article by Angela Tafoya)

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A little visit to Hello! Lucky

I discovered Hello! Lucky, the well-known letterpress studio 4 years ago when I moved to San Francisco. At this time I was looking for a job and their studio looked like the dream place for me to work. Disappointed because they were not hiring but flattered when I saw this post on their blog. A few months ago, they wrote another lovely post about my work! I really wanted to meet them!

Yesterday morning, my friend Sandra and I visited their workshop located in Soma and I finally met the two lovely sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle who co-founded Hello! Lucky. Eunice illustrates while Sabrina does the business part. They were very friendly and gave us a little tour of where the magic happens! 15 employees divided between the pressroom and the showroom upstairs.

James, the printer who was working on the cutest elephant card nicely showed us the process of letterpress.

They have a cozy and fun workshop full of papers, tools, machines, ribbons, vintage objects…and of course all the cards! So many details to look at and photograph!

I could really see myself working in a space like that: two levels with a lot of natural light! I’ve worked on so many projects these last coupe of years, I have so many tools and papers now, it would be awesome to have a bigger space! One day I hope!

Seriously, how cool is this tiger?

And those flowers painted on the floor!

If you haven’t seen their online shop yet, don’t wait another minute!



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Working space

I started to work on a new big project this week. Every time I wrap up a client project and start a new one I like to clean and rearranged my studio to start fresh with new inspirations! Depending on the client style and the type of project I put myself in a special kind of mood.

So this is what my studio looks like right now, I opted for a fresh, fun and colorful look. After a few years working with papers, I accumulated so many paper objects/scenes. Sometimes I give the orignial piece to the client, sometimes I throw them away if they’re not worth keeping them. If I feel like I could reuse some of the pieces I store them in boxes that I store in a closet. This closet is kind of full right now, so I started to hang stuff on my walls!

I also like to meet designers to get inspired and talk about some potential collaboration. It is very important when you work from home and alone to get out sometimes and see other people. A couple weeks ago I met Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day and last week I met with Jessica Hische. Both very nice and talented designers I admire. I was lucky to visit their working space. It’s always interesting to see artist’s working environment. We all have different ways to work. Some artist will like minimalist space, white walls, some like me will prefer a space full of objects and colors.

Some will like to listen to music, other will prefer working in silent. For my part, I like to have a movie or TV show in the background, believe it or not it help me focus on my illustrations and it covers small noises from the street who could distract me.

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