Shop New Look + Customers Review


Hello readers and customers!

I am redesigning my shop a little so you have a nicer experience while shopping, I hope you like it! I have a favor to ask you “my customers”: would you take a few minutes of your time to write a little review on the products you purchased? The writing review section is at the bottom of every product page.

I would also like to add a “customer’s space” section where I’ll be showing photos of you or your little one’s bedroom. So feel free to send me some images! I love to see my pets new homes!

Thank you thank you!

Have a wonderful day.

PS: Get ready for some new bunny colors in the shop soon!

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Make Your Own Color Combinations!


I keep adding more color options to my paper animals in the shop! So you can make your own colors combinations and have fun with it, keep it neutral or make it colorful, mix animals: bunny, cat, fox and raccoon. You choose according to you or your little one’s space!

And I am working on some new animals!

PS: Easter is coming up fast, get your bunnies 15% off until thursday 19th! using code HAPPYEASTER2015

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It’s a Cat Party!


Hello and Happy Monday!

Here are a few images of the cat (my new paper animal kit I released in the shop last week) shot by Maria Del Rio. I had so much fun styling this little playroom for the girls! They had fun drawing, dancing, jumping on the bed, reading stories…

As you can tell, I am a little obsessed by the light purple and apricot colors lately with a little touch of neon! Check my Instagram for more photo inspiration.



The clothes are from Zara Kids and Old Navy. The neon orange chairs are Mini Bertoias. The lights are from BrightLab!




I had fun making this bed from a palette I found and spray painted light purple. I think the result looks pretty cool and Lula was so happy when she saw it.







A big thanks to my little models, how cute is little Vivian?! She was so perfect for this shoot because she looooves cats! Every time I see her she wears cat ears!


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Hello From My New Studio!


Hey! I recently move into a new studio! It’s located in the sunny Mission District. It feels so good to have my own space and get ready everyday (I used to work in my pj’s and shower at 2pm). Before we had Lula, her nursery was my studio, then it became half nursery half studio but very soon I had to move all my stuff out of her room and put my desk in our bedroom. It worked for a few months but then I needed a real space dedicated to my work. I thought it would be hard at first because I loved working from home but I am really glad I made this decision. I ride my bike there everyday and the best thing is that it’s half way from our home and Lula’s nanny. So I can pick her up after my work day is done, she’s only 5 minutes away.

More photos to come soon! This one is from Maria Del Rio.

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Hello, Margot!


I am excited to share a little paper portrait/mascot I made for my good friend Sarah Wert who is a new mum of an adorable baby girl named Willa. Sarah is also a fantastic kids photographer based in San Francisco. She took the photos of Lula’s nursery when I was still pregnant and captured my maternity style (also took my engagement photos and my products lookbook). Sarah created Hello, Margot as a blog where she features some of the best in kids products, fashion, and design and also shares her experience as a new mom.


The logo was created by Christine Castro Hughes.

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