Anouk, I and the Polka Dot Wall

Anouk and I went to Shop Up event a couple weeks ago to see all the amazing vendors and Artifact Uprising took some cute shots of us on this super fun polka dot wall at The Springs.

Yes, it is a popsicle in her mouth…her first one! She saw a bowl full of popsicles at a vendors table so she had to have one.

We are both wearing embroidered jumpsuits from Mexico, Anouk’s is from Revolución Del Sueño.



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New adventures in Los Angeles


For those who follow me on Instagram, you know that my little family and I moved to Los Angeles early April after our extended vacation in Mexico. Almost a month since we’ve been back in California! Between unpacking, work, preschool and daycare hunt… it’s been a pretty busy one. We are slowly exploring our new neighborhood and around. You can follow our new colorful adventures here!

And if you have any tips, fun spots in LA worth a visit, please share! I love exploring!

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