Happy 8 Months!

We are celebrating Lula’s 8 months in the pool. I got this baby pool on Amazon and it works perfectly in our backyard. Lula loves it and we have the perfect weather this week to enjoy it. The happiest 8 months of my life!

She is wearing a Little Hip Squeaks headband and a Gap swimsuit. She is playing with the Woodland Dolls.

Find the cat!

Munchkin trainer cup from Target and Teeny Tiny Optics sunglasses.

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Happy Friday!

So I couldn’t resist getting the yellow Acapulco mini chair for Lula. I mean look at her! Doesn’t she look happy in it?! The pear-shaped frame is perfect for her and put a smile on her face every time. She looks so comfortable.

She is wearing a Zara Mini sweater and pants, Freshly Picked moccasins as usual and of course we ran to the closest Target store to grab some party hats from Oh Joy’s collection. Just added a pom on it!

Happy friday! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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Story time with Lula

I knew I wanted to be an illustrator since my second year in art school. I was obsessed with children’s book and bought one almost once a week for inspiration. I loved (and still do) the textured illustrations: made with fabrics, cardboard, threads, papers…less traditional illustrations, less childish but still children books.

So at my parent’s house in France, my bedroom’s closet is full of illustrated books that I wish I had here so I can read them to Lula. I think that would be the first time I actually read them, I only looked at the images!

So I try every time I go back to France to put 2 or 3 in my luggage so I can build a fun little library here, and a mix of french and english books. Also, Lula’s new nanny speaks spanish with her so I’d love to find some spanish ones as well!

It is so fun to now read those books to Lula, they have a new meaning. At the time I bought those books I was dreaming about becoming an illustrator, and here I am 8 years later, reading the books who inspired my career to my daughter and finally be an illustrator myself (something that I doubted so many times, as it is really difficult to become successful in this field and it takes a lot of time to find your own style and build a portfolio). Maybe in a few years, I’ll read Lula one of my books! Who knows…

I also got her some of my favorite french books as a kid like the Martine series and Babar’s.

In these photos I am reading La Maison de Lulu illustrated by Delphine Durand. Lula loves it! Pop up are so fun!

What are your favorite children books? Any suggestions for me to read to Lula?




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For me and for her: Acapulco Chair!

I’ve always loved the Acapulco chair! Seeing Lula so relaxed on that little kid chair in Ojai last weekend gave me one good reason to buy her a little chair of her own. I think I might go with the lemon one. What do you think? And if I could have myself one that match it would be even better! I love the version made by CB2, the multi colors would be really fun in our backyard.

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Happy 7 months!

My little hippie is 7 months today! She’s been sitting by herself for a week and this is so much fun! We were in South of California this weekend for a little family road trip. We visited Ojai for the first time, a cute little town in the mountain. The weather was beautiful and warm. Lula loved being bare feet and legs. She was so cute in her little dress and bloomer. I can’t stop looking at her she makes me so happy. She’s such a funny and happy little girl sitting like a big girl on the small chair. I love her attitude! So relax…

Lula and I are featured on 7×7 today! More photos of this shoot by Maria Del Rio coming soon on the blog.

Have a beautiful week!


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Happy Friday!

Bunnies sandwich! I just love the way she sleeps! I was looking at her from the Withbaby app on my iphone and saw the giant bunny head covering the whole screen! I walked into her room to make sure she was okay and this is how I found her…she always makes herself cozy.

In San Francisco we are finally enjoying some sun after 2 grey and rainy weeks (very rare). We’ll probably go to the park and playgroung this weekend, do some shoes shopping for a wedding in Santa Barbara next weekend…can’t wait!

And you? What are you doing this weekend? I hope it is fun!

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Happy weekend!

I am part of the “cool mums” club in San Francisco since I was pregnant. All creative and very talented women with babies. There’s always meet ups and fun events to go to. Yesterday I was hosting for the first time a “galette des rois” party (french tradition meaning king cake) for the mums and their kids at my house! I put together a little photo booth backdrop and paper crowns. It was fun!  About 20 kids from 1 month to 4 years old. I’ve never had so many kids at my house before, this was a first. Luckily it was sunny so the older ones were able to play in the backyard.

I wish you all a happy and colorful weekend!

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On my wish list for Lula!

1- Richard or Eva or any of the beautiful and colorful dolls handmade by Marina Rachner.

2- Another feather headband handmade by A tiny Arrow.

3- A cute little purse from Roxy Marj. I’ve been following on instagram and admiring her work. This bear blanket is fantastic too!

4- This hear overall from Mini Rodini for our cold Christmas in New York!

5- Another pair of Freshly Picked moccassins, this blush color is just too cute!

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