Almost 10 months with Lula!

In 15 days to be exact. I can’t believe we’ll be celebrating her first birthday in a couple months!!! She’s is the sweetest and funniest little girl and I didn’t know it was possible to love someone that much. She now has two teeth, she dances when she hears music, she loves to chase Maggie and loves being chased, when I run after her crawling she goes hiding in her tepee this is too funny and cute! She eats fish, ham, zuchinni, aspargus, avocado…she likes pretty much everything! She like to drink water out of our glasses. She loves going on bike rides, she loves playdates with her little friends, she loves so much water she could stay in the pool/bath forever. She also likes to play by herself. She loves when we read stories to her, we recently got I am a bunny she likes it a lot. She likes when we sing to her, it’s been hard to put her on the changing table lately but everytime we start singing she would stop turning around and look at us and stay calm and listen with a cute little smile. We find ourselves singing and dancing in the streets…and we are having fun! We would just do everything to make her happy.

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Happy Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend? We got this baby bike seat about a month ago for my husband’s bike, he’s been talking (meaning obsessed) about it since I was pregnant! We go on family bike ride every weekend and Lula loooooves it! You should see her face when she rides and the sounds she makes! People say hi to her at the lights and she smiles at them. And of course the faster it goes the more fun it is for her. She hates when we stop! So I am just looking forward to another bike ride with my little family this weekend, a BBQ at a friend’s place, hunting for cool nightstands at the Alameda flea market and buying plants for our home!

Have a beautiful, relaxing weekend!

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Happy Friday!

Happy friday everyone! I hope you had a wonderful week. For my part I was lucky to spend my time with this little smiling face. She makes me so happy! Working on Oh Joy’s video for a summer collection for Target, I got a sampling of the products, lucky me! One of the coolest and so useful is the picnic mat Lula is sitting on. Every day the weather permits, I opened it in our backyard and throw on Lula’s toys so she can play (without hurting herself and get all dirty) and it is much better than a blanket that will move when she crawls. She loves it and I might stock up on a couple more for this summer picnics and outdoor adventures with my little family. It folds easily and you can carry it everywhere like a bag!

The collection launches online and in all Target stores this Sunday, May 25th! You can see more products on Oh Joy’s blog.

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A Mother Daughter Style #18

A little throw back thursday from 3 months ago when Lula was about 6 months old. These shots were taken for a Lovely Lady feature on Emma Dime published yesterday.

I am wearing a Club Monaco hat, Topshop leather jacket, Pilcro & The Lettepress pants, a zuni cuff and Bean bag (old). Lula is wearing a Madewell scarf, Monoprix cardigan, Zara mini pants and Freshly Picked moccasins.



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A Room Just For Lula!

What used to be my workspace slowly became Lula’s space. I first did half workspace half nursery but since she’s had a regular schedule with 3 naps a day and 12 hours sleep at night, I had to move! So my desk has now been in our bedroom for a couple months and I can take advantage of her naps and nights to work on my projects.

I moved her tipi that was in our bedroom to her room so now she has a space all to herself and she enjoys it! It makes it also a lot  easier for the nanny who comes a couple days a week. I have my space, they have hers. I can focus on my work while they play in the other room.

I have been collecting artwork to decorate the wall, got some vintage U and A letters and made the Ls out of paper because I couldn’t find some I like.

Here is a cute illustration made by my cousin for Lula and some arrows I got at a cool shop in Ojai.

A weaving I made during a workshop class with Megan Shimek. I got the decorative balloon at Coté Maison.

I had the bunny mask illustration custom made by Amy Dawson at Cheese before bedtime. Check out her work, I’m a huge fan!

The dolly was my grandmother’s and the cross-stitched bunny was made by Vanessa Guigere, a lovely and talented follower of my Instagram. The pear poster is by Fine Little Day. I used the left over from the MUR triangle stickers to make the flag garland. And you probably recognize the original paper illustration I made for Lula’s birth announcement! The fabulous bear rocker is from the Land of Nod and the hand dyed pink blanket was made by my friend at Happy french gang.

Here and there is how the room used to look like! And if you haven’t seen it already, this is the rest of her nursery.

This is the face she’s been doing a lot lately when she is super excited about something! She is wearing a Little Hip Squeaks headband, a Zara mini cardigan and pants, a Gap onesie.


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Happy Friday!

This is week has been incredibly warm in San Francisco. We  are spending most of our time outside and it feels so good. After working like crazy for a month and half on this little video for Oh Joy + Target, I am now able to relax a bit, have friends with their babies over for some pool time in our backyard, doing some gardening, bbq…

Lula is wearing a Levi’s scarf, Zara mini overall and Freshly Picked moccasins. I am wearing an Ecoté dress and a vintage necklace.

I hope you have a wonderful sunny weekend!



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I am so excited and proud of my friend Katie Hintz Zambrano, former editor at Refinery 29 and James McCoy of well-know blog Bleubird who launched this week the beautiful online magazine MOTHER. Finally a cool site about motherhood and a perfect resource for stylish mamas. Because being a mum is super cool, yes. All mamas take a look, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Profiles on cool moms around the country, cool finds and other interesting tips about parenting. Now in my top 5 daily reads! Oh and have I said it’s cool?! Okay, have a look already!

Have a beautiful weekend and mother’s day! (My first one!!!)

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An Indian Bunny For An Indian Theme Baby Nursery

Here is a paper bunny I made commissioned by Laurie who is expecting a baby girl for june. For her indian theme nursery she picked the coolest wallpaper and suspended crib, I am dying over the cuteness of these. It makes me want to have another baby…and decorate a new room.

Shop the camel bunny on pink backdrop here! (the kit doesn’t include the feathers)

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Happy Friday + Plans For The Weekend!

I am so excited to be friday, my good friend from Montréal is visiting me for the weekend, I haven’t seen her for a year and half! And we both had babies since!

Our plans for the weekend include the Magic, Color, Flair exhibit at the Walt Disney Museum. Mary Blair’s work is so beautiful and magical!

I plan on showing her the best views of the city, from Twin Peaks, Corona Heights and Telegraph Hill by the Filbert Steps! Last time I climbed up those stairs I was pregnant. Climbing them and many others in the city became a little routine at the last month of my pregnancy to make Lula arrive fast or at least on time! It will be fun to go back with her.

More pool time in the backyard if the weather permits!

And a girl night, a mani-pedi, good restaurants, beach walk, picnic at the park…

Have a beautiful and fun weekend!

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