Happy Halloween!


I hope you had a great Halloween weekend! Here are a few photos of Lula in her handmade costume (I took the morning after). She is obsessed with planes lately, I think “avion” is the word she says the most during the day, (well after “I want…” ) so I thought it would be fun if she was a little aviator for Halloween! I made the airplane with cardboard and paint. It was fun to make and she loved it! She kept playing with it during the week, jumping in, pretend she was flying. Then came Halloween day and she refused to put it on for trick or treating… she’s been a little grumpy after her naps lately so it was impossible to get her to wear it. But hey, that’s life with a toddler right?! So we got together with a few friends families and went trick or treating anyway, we still got her to wear the helmet and goggles and me and my big belly pretended to be a cloud with a rainbow (imagine me on the way to my friend’s house in the car…haha). Lula had so much fun picking out candies and chocolates at the houses and we stopped for a good hour in front of a house with a dj for a dance party with a bunch of people, that was the best! Watching toddlers dancing is seriously the funniest thing ever.


Now I can rest! Baby girl is coming in 3 weeks! I am 37 weeks pregnant today, time flies but really this month feels the longest!!!

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Lula is 2!


How did that happen? How can she be 2 already?! I feel like we celebrated her first birthday yesterday…

We celebrated with the family in France where we spent our summer (a month ago already, she turned 2 on august 17th). My parents had bought two little strawberry plants for when we arrived to surprise Lula, everyday she went to pick the red ones, tried to eat the green ones too, she would eat them all if we didn’t stop her, she loves strawberries so much! So I thought a strawberry theme for her birthday would be fun. I made a pinata that I filled up with all her favorite things: stickers, little dolls, jewelries, candies… and confettis!


She’s had her first candies when we were in France and ice-cream and chocolate almost everyday thanks to her grand-parents! She knows the words for these really well now and keep asking for some since we got back! But the vacations are over…















We had a beautiful strawberry cake too that I didn’t get a chance to photograph before it started melting, it was so warm that day!









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July in France


Enjoying the pool and eating a lot of popsicles. I can never eat mine entirely or I have to hide because as soon as she sees me she says “glace, glace!” and I have to give it to her…


Catching up with my favorite french magazines by the pool and discovering a lovely article featuring my paper bunny trophy in As you like magazine.


Shopping for our baby girl arriving in 3 and half months! Spending a lot of time at Les Puces du Canal de Lyon and finally found the rotin crib I dreamed about! And a matching bed for Lula’s dolls, a few pillows and blankets, baby shoes…


Taking summer baths windows opened in my parents nice and bright bathroom with her new friend.


Going to the carousel at least once a week if not every day!


Going for walks, making friends at the playground and hanging out with her bff (the dog!).

It feels so nice to spend the summer in France, having the time to relax and go to my favorite places. I love to see Lula getting to know the family better, calling them by little nicknames. We are all going to Greece next week for 10 days and I am so excited about it. My parents rented a little fisherman’s house on the Paros island.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Follow our adventures on Instagram!


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Happy Summer!


Lula and I just arrived at my parents in Lyon, France. It feels so good to be home with the family and have a real summer (not a fan of San Francisco summer). Not just 2 weeks but a month and half this time and this is what I plan on doing most days! Also someone is turning 2 in a month so I am gathering some ideas for her little celebration only with the family this time!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

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Our Weekend In Arizona!


Spent mostly at our hotel’s pool and in restaurants because of the heat! I am not used to stay at a hotel when I go on vacation, I like to discover places, walk around, go to the museums, shopping … but seriously, it was way too hot to do anything else other than be in the pool. On saturday, after brunch I tried to go for a little walk by myself in the Old Town of Scottsdale for the beautiful Navajo jewelries, but after 20 minutes I couldn’t stand the heat anymore so I just went back to the hotel and join my girl for a nap. On Sunday we went to visit the Franck Lloyd right foundation but it was only a guided tour and the lady advised us to come back on Monday, early in the morning so it would be nicer/safer for Lula, me and the baby. Unfortunately Monday (today), I was at my desk working. So it was not the most productive weekend but a very colorful and relaxing one. And Lula’s happy place is the pool anyway!

















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Happy Friday + Big News!


Happy Friday friends! I am so excited to share with you today that Lula is going to be a big sister in November! I am now 18 weeks pregnant and we discovered yesterday at the screening that it’s a girl! When I showed this ultrasound image to Lula at 13 weeks, this first thing she did was to go grab a pen thinking it was a coloring pictures. Now she sees my belly and says “bébé”, give her a kiss and then pull down my shirt and say “all done!”.

Just like when I was expecting Lula, the first trimester was difficult, I was super tired, sleeping most of the time and not inspired at all. Now that I am in the second trimester I have so much more energy and so many ideas for new products in my head! I wish I had more time to make them all happen. I am so impatient! But you’ve probably seen the Safari Collection already that I worked on this month and thank you so much for the orders I received.

Have a wonderful weekend, we’ll be spending ours in Arizona for some much needed relaxing time by the pool! Warm weather here we come!

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