Pink for summer!

About a month ago I went to an indigo dying workshop with Lookout and Wonderland. My friend Sophie and I enjoyed it so much that we wanted to do it again at home with a pink dye this time.

Last sunday was so sunny, we did it in my backyard and my friend Sandra was of the party too! This was really fun and a great way to spend a sunday afternoon with friends.

Each season I like to redecorate my bedroom, something neutral and cozy for fall/winter and something more colorful for spring/summer. Bye bye my black tree cushion and brown furry blanket, see you next winter!

I decided to make pillow cases and I really like the result! I’ll show you in a next post my summer bedroom! I also dyed a piece of fabric that I will use for a scarf or a baby blanket maybe…

We just needed our white fabrics/clothes, some rubber bands and beads and we used the petal pink dye, it is a very easy process!

Here are some photos of our creative and sunny afternoon!

I can say I am really obsessed since the first workshop, I think I might try a few other colors soon!



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New Paper Rabbit Kits in my SHOP!


I just updated my online shop with 3 new rabbit kits! They are a little bigger than the previous version and their noses are foiled either silver or gold! No scissors or glued needed, just assemble by folding and removing the stickers on the tabs. I hope you like them!

Here is the butter and brown one with a gold foiled nose, you can buy in my shop here.

Here is the light pink and fuchsia with a gold foiled nose, you can buy it on my shop here.And here is the light grey and dark grey one with a silver foiled nose, you can buy it on my shop here.

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A saturday morning in the Outer Sunset

Outerlands is my favorite place to go for brunch during the weekend. We always have to wait at least half an hour to be seated but it’s worth it, I just love the vibe in the outer sunset. Especially coming back from Hawaii, I just wanted to be close to the ocean!

So we usually put our name on the list and then go to General Store which is a really cool design/clothes/accessorizes shop right next door and Mollusk, the surf shop: it currently host a really cool photo exhibition worth checking it out. It’s called The Goodwin Project, a young family leaving their home in Kauai to travel. I am particularly touched by it because it’s my dream! You can see some photos of the exhibition below and watched a video here, I am pretty sure it is your dream too.

Establish is a few blocks away from Mollusk, on Noriega st. and is definitely worth the walk! It is a super cute and colorful store I discovered not too long ago. This is everything I like, form colorful macrame plants holder, to tie and dye tote bags or scarf, vintage objects, skateboards, navajo blankets, cool baskets and beautiful jewelry. I just feel very relaxed and inspired when I am there. Each piece is beautifully displayed and emits this beachy vibe! Plus it’s really affordable!

And here we are! Back to Outerlands for a delicious brunch!

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Featured in Refinery 29!

I am so honored to be featured in Refinery 29 this week! I had the pleasure to meet with Angela Tafoya and Katie Hintz-Zambrano who are the San Francisco editors. Fashion is a big inspiration in my work so it was so fun to be photographed by Maria Del Rio in 4 different outfits and spots in my apartment/workspace.

Read the interview on Refinery 29!

(Photos by Maria Del Rio and article by Angela Tafoya)

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Paper bear for the Baby GAP store on New York’s fifth avenue!

I had the pleasure to work on a display for Baby GAP late january. I just received the photos of my bear in the shop and I am so happy with the result! The whole space looks so great, I love the mix of grey, gold and neon colors. Look at that wall behind the bear with the little gold, yellow and pink dots!I wish I was in New York right now to see it in person. Maybe I’ll plan on a little trip soon!

I am so glad I got to work for Baby GAP, especially since I’m expecting a baby!!! I spend so much time at the SF store looking for cute clothes.  Now I want to decorate my baby nursery like this! Imagine how cool the bear would look in neon pink or gold!!!

This is too cute!!! I need a closet just like that!

Below are closer shots I took before I shipped the bear!

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A paper bunny for Julia’s baby

I made this little paper bunny for the bedroom of my friend Julia’s baby with a garland to remind the little dots on the head. She got this mushroom lamp at her baby shower from my friend Sonia’s shop Sunday In Color, so I thought it would look nice with it. By the way the lamp exist in pink too, how lovely it is? I might get one for me…

If you like this bunny, visit my shop! I can do it any colors you like!

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A little visit to Hello! Lucky

I discovered Hello! Lucky, the well-known letterpress studio 4 years ago when I moved to San Francisco. At this time I was looking for a job and their studio looked like the dream place for me to work. Disappointed because they were not hiring but flattered when I saw this post on their blog. A few months ago, they wrote another lovely post about my work! I really wanted to meet them!

Yesterday morning, my friend Sandra and I visited their workshop located in Soma and I finally met the two lovely sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle who co-founded Hello! Lucky. Eunice illustrates while Sabrina does the business part. They were very friendly and gave us a little tour of where the magic happens! 15 employees divided between the pressroom and the showroom upstairs.

James, the printer who was working on the cutest elephant card nicely showed us the process of letterpress.

They have a cozy and fun workshop full of papers, tools, machines, ribbons, vintage objects…and of course all the cards! So many details to look at and photograph!

I could really see myself working in a space like that: two levels with a lot of natural light! I’ve worked on so many projects these last coupe of years, I have so many tools and papers now, it would be awesome to have a bigger space! One day I hope!

Seriously, how cool is this tiger?

And those flowers painted on the floor!

If you haven’t seen their online shop yet, don’t wait another minute!



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Black and White

Paper mobile I made

Vintage deer sculpture

Maggie on an Ikea blanket

My paper bunny you can find on my shop!

Awesome black tree pillow case by Fine Little Day

Free people white tassel necklace

Cute wood magic wand I found at Mint in Mill Valley

Wildwood by Colin Meloy
My bedroom used to have yellow walls and I didn’t like it very much. I wanted for so long to repaint it. Simply white. I finally found some time to do it and redecorate my bedroom by the same occasion. My living room and design studio are so colorfull that I really needed a space with more relaxing, neutral colors. So here is it, all black and white. I’m really into this nordic design trend! Next time will be to get a nicer bed with a beautiful headboard, like this one or a hanging bed like this one (I wonder how comfortable this is)!

(Photos by Anais Profit)



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I am starting a crochet class tomorrow with my good friend Julia. I am really excited about it. Learning new things!!!

Here are some images I’ve been collecting for inspiration!

How cool are these? The guns are by Carina Inger, I really want one!

This is the fabulous artwork by Sarah Applebaum who works in San Francisco!

If in the past crochet was really kitsch, it is now very trendy: from headbands to dresses or blankets, it is everywhere! For the clothes I have a preference in neutral colors like white or beige, but for the home decor, the more colors, the better, and bright colors please!!!

I hope I’ll be good at it, I will show you something soon!

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