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Hello Fox!

Say hello to the bunny’s new friend! The fox kit is finally in the shop. To celebrate, enjoy a 15% discount on the entire shop but entering coupon code WELCOMEFOX until saturday!

24. July 2014 by wearehop
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Mother Daughter Style #21 + 30% Off Amour Vert!

I was last week featured on Amour’s Vert blog. Thanks to my friend Katie, I recently discovered this environmentally conscious women clothing brand made in SF. Amour Vert only uses organic and sustainable fabrics and low impact dyes. One of my favorite piece for this summer … Continue reading

25. June 2014 by wearehop
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A Room Just For Lula!

What used to be my workspace slowly became Lula’s space. I first did half workspace half nursery but since she’s had a regular schedule with 3 naps a day and 12 hours sleep at night, I had to move! So … Continue reading

20. May 2014 by wearehop
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I am so excited and proud of my friend Katie Hintz Zambrano, former editor at Refinery 29 and James McCoy of well-know blog Bleubird who launched this week the beautiful online magazine MOTHER. Finally a cool site about motherhood and … Continue reading

09. May 2014 by wearehop
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An Indian Bunny For An Indian Theme Baby Nursery

Here is a paper bunny I made commissioned by Laurie who is expecting a baby girl for june. For her indian theme nursery she picked the coolest wallpaper and suspended crib, I am dying over the cuteness of these. It makes me want … Continue reading

09. May 2014 by wearehop
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Baskets love

I’ve always loved baskets. I love their shapes, patterns and colors…I can’t never get enough of them. I am constantly looking for some more to add into my collection. Either to use it as a purse, carry things around when I’m … Continue reading

07. May 2014 by wearehop
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Indigo and Neons

Here is my second try at weaving. I’ll show you the first one that is hanging in Lula’s room next week. I went to Meghan Shimek workshop a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it so much. I love the endless … Continue reading

11. April 2014 by wearehop
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A Little Party In The Bunnyland

Someone has decided to boycott her naps today, instead she’s having a little party in the crib with her friends! So much more fun!

10. April 2014 by wearehop
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My bunnies at Lavish San Francisco

I dropped these guys and a few kits at Lavish last friday. It is a super cute little store in Hayes Valley. Full of fun and colorful products, the perfect place for my bunnies. Also remember there’s a 20% off … Continue reading

07. April 2014 by wearehop
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Happy Friday!

So I couldn’t resist getting the yellow Acapulco mini chair for Lula. I mean look at her! Doesn’t she look happy in it?! The pear-shaped frame is perfect for her and put a smile on her face every time. She … Continue reading

04. April 2014 by wearehop
Categories: baby, fashion, Interior Design, kids, lifestyle, look | 2 comments

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