My Flamingo in Péa’s Home

While scrolling down Allyson Rousseau Instagram feed the other day to see her beautiful weaving work, I came across this adorable children’s room by Pea les Maisons and saw my paper flamingo on the wall. It was a cool surprise as I wasn’t expecting it! I follow the work of many talented artists on Instagram and it’s always super fun to see my products next to theirs on the walls of beautiful homes. I emailed Péa (what a beautiful name! makes me want to have another baby to name her Péa!) and she agreed to share more photos with us. Enjoy!

(Photos by Hélène Simard)

Péa also used the flamingo as a decor for a 3rd birthday party!

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My Paper Animals in Your Homes!

You know how much I love to see my products in your homes. I just came across this beautiful feature of Becky Kimball’s home on Design Mom and saw my paper flamingo in it. I am very flattered to see my product in a such a gorgeous home.

(All photos from Becky Kimball on Design Mom)

Thank you Becky! I am so glad you like your paper flamingo!

I have more beautiful and inspiring homes that I will share with you this week. And if you want to share some images of your new friend(s) with me, you can email me at

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My Mother’s Day Gift from PARABO PRESS + FREE PRINTS SET

This saturday morning, the girls and I spent some time looking at our beautiful photo book from Mexico. We talked about all the memories we have from these amazing 6 months we lived there.

Thank you so much Parabo Press for this gift! A fabulous idea for Mother’s Day!

Parabo Press is offering to all my readers a FREE SET OF SQUARE PRINTS. Just enter coupon code CHLOE at check out and place your order before May 3rd to get your gift on time for Mother’s Day!

And here is what I did with our square prints! A photo gallery on the girls closet to make it more fun and colorful!



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Cactus and Skulls


As much as I love colors, I also love neutrals and all white interiors. Here is a little photoshoot I did with Georgia Glennon at El Studio in Sayulita. Thank you to my dear friend Lea, owner of the well-know shop Revolucion Del Sueno for letting me borrow their space for one afternoon. If you are planning a vacation in Sayulita and are looking for a place to stay, this might be the perfect spot for you! A beautiful and relaxing studio just one block from the beach, tons of shopping and restaurants around.

Shop my paper skulls gold and silver!




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Shop Shop! 20% Off!


Check out all my new products and one more day to enjoy the 20% discount off my entire store. Enter code LOVE2017 at checkout.

See above my new multi-colored paper skull with a gold foil heart. (Heart dreamcatcher for Pacha Mama in Sayulita)

And here are some other new products inspired by and made in Mexico.


How cute are these baby rattles? They are my daughter’s favorites!



Some really cool Mexican baskets, colorful and useful. Perfect as planters, toys or blankets storage. See all the colors I have in stock! And more!


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