New adventures in Los Angeles


For those who follow me on Instagram, you know that my little family and I moved to Los Angeles early April after our extended vacation in Mexico. Almost a month since we’ve been back in California! Between unpacking, work, preschool and daycare hunt… it’s been a pretty busy one. We are slowly exploring our new neighborhood and around. You can follow our new colorful adventures here!

And if you have any tips, fun spots in LA worth a visit, please share! I love exploring!

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A Little Bit of Life Lately


From my iphone, moments at the park with Anouk, beach time with Lula, new products, naps, playground life, San Francisco and the fabulous weather we’ve had these past couple weeks!







The cat is back in the shop with new colors!


Enjoying the beautiful light in our bedroom!


New Superga glitter shoes for my princess from the new SF store on Fillmore!



Anouk wearing Lula’s old leggings at the playground. It is so funny to see her in Lula clothes, it brings back so many sweet memories.



Home sweet home.



I think I kiss those cheeks a million times a day. I just can’t stop.


We’ve been eating this new taqueria called Mateo’s on Mission street quite a lot lately!

If you want to see more, you can follow me on Instagram.

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In Your Little Ones Bedrooms!

animals_homesHello! It’s been a long time! I’ve been super busy these last couple of months as you can imagine taking care of my 2 months old (wow already!?)

I reopened my shop a couple weeks ago and you know how much I love seeing my products in your homes! Above are a few photos I spotted on Instragram. Please keep sharing (tag your photos with #chloefleury) and stay tunes for new products coming soon to the shop!

(photos: @fancytreehouse – @ladnicheuse – @ourlittlebees – @laurabsea – @almalusplace – @midnightkrider – @ste_lakasitoazul – @janis.sarraf.tabet)







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A Colorful Christmas Village! #KEEPSAKEIT


(Photography by Sabrina Bot)

Welcome into my studio! I had the chance to partner with Hallmark this year to create a colorful Christmas diy inspired by one of their ornaments, a mini Crayola box. You already know how colors make me happy! So this year I wanted to try something a little different than the traditionnal red and green. The colorful crayons from the box reminded me of the beautiful Victorian houses here in San Francisco, where I live. So I created my own paper village using the colors inspired by the ornament.







My daughter Lula loves it too! She think I made a city of paper dollhouses just for her!



These look so lovely on a mantle and we can keep adding to it year after year.




I think when Lula gets old enough, it will be a fun family project to do together!


It’s so funny she looks inside and says “toc, toc, qui est la?” (“knock, knock, who’s there?)

Want to try it out yourself? See the story here and download the houses templates to make your own village! Share it on Instagram with hashtag #KEEPSAKEIT

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My Work For Playstation!


Last week I had the chance to create a visual for PlayStation’s 20 years anniversary and the launch of Tearaway Unfolded game, a messenger’s delivery adventure through a papercraft world! For the occasion PlayStation console got a Tearaway makeover: the PS1 console, controller and the little figurine from the game, all made of paper! The image was already published on their social pages.

A really fun project to work on, I hope you enjoy it!



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July in France


Enjoying the pool and eating a lot of popsicles. I can never eat mine entirely or I have to hide because as soon as she sees me she says “glace, glace!” and I have to give it to her…


Catching up with my favorite french magazines by the pool and discovering a lovely article featuring my paper bunny trophy in As you like magazine.


Shopping for our baby girl arriving in 3 and half months! Spending a lot of time at Les Puces du Canal de Lyon and finally found the rotin crib I dreamed about! And a matching bed for Lula’s dolls, a few pillows and blankets, baby shoes…


Taking summer baths windows opened in my parents nice and bright bathroom with her new friend.


Going to the carousel at least once a week if not every day!


Going for walks, making friends at the playground and hanging out with her bff (the dog!).

It feels so nice to spend the summer in France, having the time to relax and go to my favorite places. I love to see Lula getting to know the family better, calling them by little nicknames. We are all going to Greece next week for 10 days and I am so excited about it. My parents rented a little fisherman’s house on the Paros island.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Follow our adventures on Instagram!


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On my instagram

1/ Take a look at my baby shower photos!

2/ My parents just arrived from France to welcome our little girl, hopefully she’ll arrive soon. My mum had a lot of fun shopping and here is one of my favorite, an adorable baby cat heads legging from Zara!

3/ After posting photos of my nursery on the blog I received a lot of paper bunnies order, thank you for all my customers!

4/ My baby nursery, and a blanket I made as my first knitting project.

5/ Paper pineapple, watermelon and popsicle I made to decorate my baby shower.

6/ My baby bump at 37 weeks.

7/ Beautiful vintage navajo jewelry I found at Alameda’s flea market last weekend.

8/ I am a contributor on the september issue of Yoga Journal, I illustrated a story about happiness as the workplace. I’ll post more on the blog soon.

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Lately on my instagram…

1/ Busy, busy in my studio, working like crazy on a couple of clients projects I can’t wait to share with you!

2/ Reading one of my favorite magazine while eating a matching popsicle!

3/ New friend in my backyard, Maggie loves flamingos too!

4/ Her Freshly Picked moccasins, my Swedish Hasbeens wedge sandals.

5/ Weekend brunch at Outerlands has become a routine! We love it!

6/ Set up for our backyard movie night! Fun!

7/ My maternity style at 33 weeks!

8/ Warm saturday at Dolores park!


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My week on Instagram!

1/ So much colors on my desk, it feels like a party!

2/ Adorable gold leather moccasins from Freshly Picked for my baby girl, I want to get all the colors!

3/ Gorgeous bunny doll “Confiture de Paillette” handmade by french artist Maiwenn Philouze.

4/ Fun summer cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn.

5/ Lifeguard house on Venice Beach, photo from my weekend in LA.

6/ Purple and pink house in Santa Monica, which is actually Ruth Handler’s house, Barbie’s creator (just learned that from one of my readers)

7/ Paper polaroid and thread in progress for Happy Morning’s blog header.

8/ 32 weeks baby bump on Venice beach.

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My week on Instagram

1/ Knitting a blanket for my baby girl!

2/ Ice cream bar on a warm evening in San Francisco.

3/ My cat sleeping like a baby.

4/ Learning how to knit a beanie!

5/ Couldn’t resist buying this ice-cream cone jump rope, I know there will be at least a couple of years before she plays with it, so for now it’s decorating the nursery!

6/ Another pretty and colorful house in San Francisco, on Sanchez st. and 18th.

7/ Finally put my paper art up on Society 6, so you can now buy my iphone cases!

8/ One dream of mine: going on a road trip driving a Volkswagen van!



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