Looking forward to do it again!

Here are a few things I enjoyed last year and I am looking forward to do again this year:

1/ Drink hot chocolates with marshmallow while watching movies under the blanket!

2/ Rent a cabin in the forest!

3/ Cut our own tree for Christmas!

4/ A little brunch with friends in our backyard!

5/ Illustrate one of my favorite subjects!

6/ Spend the weekend in beautiful Big Sur!

And these moments will all be even more precious this year as they will be shared with Lula! I am so excited!

And you, what are your favorite things to do this season?


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On my wish list for Lula!

1- Richard or Eva or any of the beautiful and colorful dolls handmade by Marina Rachner.

2- Another feather headband handmade by A tiny Arrow.

3- A cute little purse from Roxy Marj. I’ve been following on instagram and admiring her work. This bear blanket is fantastic too!

4- This hear overall from Mini Rodini for our cold Christmas in New York!

5- Another pair of Freshly Picked moccassins, this blush color is just too cute!

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Sunday in LA

My friend Sandra and I spent our sunday walking around the Venice Canals admiring the colorful architecture.I wish I could do a photoshoot in this swan boat, this is so fun!And we met with my friend Jeremy who moved in Los Angeles a few months ago. Look how adorable his dog is!

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8 Instagrammers

I’ve only started using Instagram about 6 months ago and I don’t know why I waited so long! I think this is such a good place to find inspiration, discover artists and cool places to visit! I also love how easy it is to use and share moments of our lives.

Here are 8 of the instagrammers I’ve been inspired by the most lately. For most of them I’ve been following their blog for a few years already and it’s always a treat to look at their photos.

1/ finelittleday – always inspired by her dreamy little world. She makes me want to live in the forest.

2/ thiswildidea – genius! Who doesn’t love Maddie!

3/ oliviathebaut – her photos remind me when I lived/studied in Aix-en-Provence, south of France. We were by the way at the same art school.

4/ natalieoffduty – I love her style, I love her weekends adventures in the country.

5/ arielealasko – I am such a fan of her wood work, and her cat and dog photos are always adorable.

6/ bleubird – such a lovely family, as a mom-to-be I find it very inspiring.

7/ napkinapocalypse – those dogs are so funny! I just hope they are happy and not bored being dressed up.

8/ kenziepoo – black & white love


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My week on instagram!

1/ Maggie pretty in pink!

2/ Pretty blue house on my walk to Noe Valley, San Francisco.

3/ Ice cream break at Lake Tahoe!

4/ My baby bump at 28 weeks!

5/ I just started to learn knitting and this pillow is my first project for my baby nursery.

6/ Gorgeous view on the Lake Tahoe.

7/ I received these awesome swedish clogs from my friend Anais, my little girl is going to be sooo stylish! Thank you again Anais!

8/ My pool party illustration for Evite Postmark!

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