An Indian Bunny For An Indian Theme Baby Nursery

Here is a paper bunny I made commissioned by Laurie who is expecting a baby girl for june. For her indian theme nursery she picked the coolest wallpaper and suspended crib, I am dying over the cuteness of these. It makes me want to have another baby…and decorate a new room.

Shop the camel bunny on pink backdrop here! (the kit doesn’t include the feathers)

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Baskets love

I’ve always loved baskets. I love their shapes, patterns and colors…I can’t never get enough of them. I am constantly looking for some more to add into my collection. Either to use it as a purse, carry things around when I’m going to the beach or for a picnic or simply to decorate my home (see here and here). I find them not only beautiful but also super useful and even more now that I am a mum, it is just perfect to store Lula’s toys!  They are also super fun to use as planters, I might try that very soon…

So here are a few ones I have my eye on:

1/Winged Woven Basket

2/Fair Trade Woven African Basket

3/Lidded Tassel Basket

4/Senegalese Knitting Basket

5/Winged Woven Basket

You can see more on my Pinterest board.

Also now that I’ve learned weaving I’d really love to try myself at basket weaving. Looking for some online diy instructions…


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2 years!

2 years ago on the 26 of april we were getting married at the San Francisco city hall with a few friends and my parents who flew for the occasion. Who knew I’ll fell in love with a french guy in San Francisco! We still haven’t done the more official wedding in France, still planning on it but not sure when, time flies so fast! And we had our beautiful Lula keeping us busy and making us the happiest parents!

These were our engagement photos shot by my friend Sarah of Modern Kids Co. For the occasion we rented a beautiful and very charming little treehouse in the south of San Francisco It was magical to spend the weekend there. I’ve always dreamt of having a treehouse, maybe one day we’ll built one for Lula. At least we’ll go spend another weekend there with her this time.

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Story time with Lula

I knew I wanted to be an illustrator since my second year in art school. I was obsessed with children’s book and bought one almost once a week for inspiration. I loved (and still do) the textured illustrations: made with fabrics, cardboard, threads, papers…less traditional illustrations, less childish but still children books.

So at my parent’s house in France, my bedroom’s closet is full of illustrated books that I wish I had here so I can read them to Lula. I think that would be the first time I actually read them, I only looked at the images!

So I try every time I go back to France to put 2 or 3 in my luggage so I can build a fun little library here, and a mix of french and english books. Also, Lula’s new nanny speaks spanish with her so I’d love to find some spanish ones as well!

It is so fun to now read those books to Lula, they have a new meaning. At the time I bought those books I was dreaming about becoming an illustrator, and here I am 8 years later, reading the books who inspired my career to my daughter and finally be an illustrator myself (something that I doubted so many times, as it is really difficult to become successful in this field and it takes a lot of time to find your own style and build a portfolio). Maybe in a few years, I’ll read Lula one of my books! Who knows…

I also got her some of my favorite french books as a kid like the Martine series and Babar’s.

In these photos I am reading La Maison de Lulu illustrated by Delphine Durand. Lula loves it! Pop up are so fun!

What are your favorite children books? Any suggestions for me to read to Lula?




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For me and for her: Acapulco Chair!

I’ve always loved the Acapulco chair! Seeing Lula so relaxed on that little kid chair in Ojai last weekend gave me one good reason to buy her a little chair of her own. I think I might go with the lemon one. What do you think? And if I could have myself one that match it would be even better! I love the version made by CB2, the multi colors would be really fun in our backyard.

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Welcome to the United States of America

This is the title of the letter I received this week. After an internship visa, 3 working ones and 5 years and half in the United States, I finally received my green card! YAY! I am so happy and relieved. I love more and more each day living in this country. I am so grateful to live in one of the most beautiful city and forever thankful for all the people who gave me the chance to show what I was capable of. I met wonderful people here who made my career as an illustrator a dream come true and so made my teenager dream to live in America come true as well. I love how open-minded, generous and tolerant people are here. No jealousy, no competition, no judging. Just a happy, encouraging and overall positive attitude that makes you dream about even bigger things. Everything is possible!

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Creative Block

Yay! Creative Block has arrived! I received yesterday the book I am featured in. The writer, Danielle Krysa is an artist and the blogger behind the well-know Jealous Curator.

I am so proud and honored to be featured in this beautiful book, among these amazingly talented artists from all around the world. Creative Block shares the artists insight into their process and offer challenges to push you and help you moving forward when you are stuck! So fun!

Friends and followers in the bay area, come to Little Paper Planes march 5th from 7-9pm. The shop will be hosting the book launch party. There will be wine, sweet treats, and a few of the unblocking exercises set up. Books will be for sale at the event, or if you already have one please bring it for Danielle and the bay area artists (Arian Behzadi, Lisa Congdon, Kelly Lynn Jones and me!) to sign.

 If they want to buy the book ahead of time it’s for sale at Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters,, Chronicle Books (shop and online), and of course, at Little Paper Planes : )


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I love my BAGGU!

I first know about BAGGU when I saw their fun and colorful shopping bag with animal prints in a few stores like Madewell or J.Crew. And then their leather bags and pouches appeared at Voyager and General store in San Francisco. I was complaining for a while that I didn’t have a basic black leather bag that goes with everything. So my husband offered me for christmas this black drawstring purse and I’m in love with it! I love how simple and functional yet stylish the design is. Only leather, no metal or plastic details and the size is just perfect!

We visited their Brooklyn shop while we were in New York for the holidays, and I saw the neon yellow one, I am now obsessed with it. I need it for this summer! I’m also in love with their leather BAGGU and totes in each colors, the plum, midnight, jade and persimmon are my favorites! The gold is really fun too and the brown is a good basic to have.


You can see more colors in the shop!

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