My work for Milk Magazine!

I can finally share with you the illustrations and animation I did for one of my favorite magazine. When a couple months ago Milk contacted me to create a teaser for their 10 years anniversary I was so honored and excited and even if I told myself I wouldn’t accept anymore project because I was getting close to my due date, I couldn’t say no to that one!

To celebrate their 10 years anniversary they imagined a box published in 300 copies only. Inside a unique selection of 17 products designed exclusively for Milk by some of the best kids brands: Bobo choses, Little Marc Jacobs, Oeuf NYC, N2, Very French Gansters…

I was asked to reproduce all the objects with paper! Some of them were more challenging to make than others but I had a lot of fun! Which one is your favorite?

The Milk Anniversary Box is sold at Colette (Paris) and on the magazine website! Hurry up to get yours for only 59.00 euros!

Watch the teaser:

MilK Anniversary Box from Milk magazine on Vimeo.

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On my instagram

1/ Take a look at my baby shower photos!

2/ My parents just arrived from France to welcome our little girl, hopefully she’ll arrive soon. My mum had a lot of fun shopping and here is one of my favorite, an adorable baby cat heads legging from Zara!

3/ After posting photos of my nursery on the blog I received a lot of paper bunnies order, thank you for all my customers!

4/ My baby nursery, and a blanket I made as my first knitting project.

5/ Paper pineapple, watermelon and popsicle I made to decorate my baby shower.

6/ My baby bump at 37 weeks.

7/ Beautiful vintage navajo jewelry I found at Alameda’s flea market last weekend.

8/ I am a contributor on the september issue of Yoga Journal, I illustrated a story about happiness as the workplace. I’ll post more on the blog soon.

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The very last one!

Here is a little behind the scene shot of the very last client project I worked on these last couple weeks! Happy and colorful as usual! I should be able to share it with you in august. I was suppose to rest earlier but you know how it is! When a client you’ve always dreamt to work for offer you a project, you just can’t refuse! For me it always happened when I have other plans…like going on vacation. And I love my work so much, I’ll just do whatever I can to make it work!

But now is time to rest, really! My baby girl could arrive any day now…

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My baby shower paper props!


Sorry for the lack of post this week, I’ve been working like crazy on my last client project before the baby comes! Here is a photo of paper objects I made to decorate the backyard for my baby shower last weekend. The biggest food cravings I have during this pregnancy are fruits and popsicles! And also I found it funny and cute that the pregnancy apps always compare each week the size of the baby to a fruit! I am in my 36 week and my baby is the size of a watermelon!

I’ll post photos of my baby shower next week, it was really fun, I had a great time thanks to my wonderful friends and lots of awesome presents!!!

Have a lovely weekend, I am off to Indian Springs for a pre-baby little vacation where I’ll enjoy pool, sun and massages!

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Lately on my instagram…

1/ Busy, busy in my studio, working like crazy on a couple of clients projects I can’t wait to share with you!

2/ Reading one of my favorite magazine while eating a matching popsicle!

3/ New friend in my backyard, Maggie loves flamingos too!

4/ Her Freshly Picked moccasins, my Swedish Hasbeens wedge sandals.

5/ Weekend brunch at Outerlands has become a routine! We love it!

6/ Set up for our backyard movie night! Fun!

7/ My maternity style at 33 weeks!

8/ Warm saturday at Dolores park!


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My week on Instagram!

1/ So much colors on my desk, it feels like a party!

2/ Adorable gold leather moccasins from Freshly Picked for my baby girl, I want to get all the colors!

3/ Gorgeous bunny doll “Confiture de Paillette” handmade by french artist Maiwenn Philouze.

4/ Fun summer cards by Gold Teeth Brooklyn.

5/ Lifeguard house on Venice Beach, photo from my weekend in LA.

6/ Purple and pink house in Santa Monica, which is actually Ruth Handler’s house, Barbie’s creator (just learned that from one of my readers)

7/ Paper polaroid and thread in progress for Happy Morning’s blog header.

8/ 32 weeks baby bump on Venice beach.

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