Creative Block

Yay! Creative Block has arrived! I received yesterday the book I am featured in. The writer, Danielle Krysa is an artist and the blogger behind the well-know Jealous Curator.

I am so proud and honored to be featured in this beautiful book, among these amazingly talented artists from all around the world. Creative Block shares the artists insight into their process and offer challenges to push you and help you moving forward when you are stuck! So fun!

Friends and followers in the bay area, come to Little Paper Planes march 5th from 7-9pm. The shop will be hosting the book launch party. There will be wine, sweet treats, and a few of the unblocking exercises set up. Books will be for sale at the event, or if you already have one please bring it for Danielle and the bay area artists (Arian Behzadi, Lisa Congdon, Kelly Lynn Jones and me!) to sign.

 If they want to buy the book ahead of time it’s for sale at Barnes & Noble, Urban Outfitters,, Chronicle Books (shop and online), and of course, at Little Paper Planes : )


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National Chocolate Cake Day

I was reading my friend Jordan’s blog Oh Happy Day last week and apparently today is chocolate cake day! haha. Well, I won’t say no to that either and I can even confess: every day is a chocolate day for me! This is a real addiction. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink…but chocolate mmmm! So I paper baked yesterday and made this chocolate bundt cake! One of my favorite. Inspired by a mold I have.

Bon appetit!

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My Winter Accessories

Going to France in a week and half means bringing out again my winter accessories. I don’t think the weather will be as warm as in San Francisco lately (23 degrees celsius in january).

So here are a few of my favorites for travelling: The Madewell leather backpack, I don’t actually have it, but I wish. I love the color and the shape and I would definitely use it for spring/summer too, it goes with everything! A handknitted scarf and a Madewell pair of sunglasses, my leather gloves from Club Monaco and always a hand cream, I love this one! Some Happy socks, their design are so fun and cozy. My Hunter rain boots, yes I was looking at the weather in France, it’s been raining a lot! And my Club Monaco hat!

Coming soon, Lula’s winter accessories! Have a beautiful and happy day!

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“Find the 7 differences” aka How did I get ripped off


Well, well, well.. how to start this blog post. I was having a good day. Had lunch with a couple of friends and Lula. The nanny came to take her to the park for a couple hours of reading, singing and tummy time so I can focus on my work. But then, at my desk, I am working on some bunnies when my phone rang and I see this message from my cousin telling me that “Brittanirose” (her IG name) is copying my work.

(My work on the left – Imitation by Brittani Rose on the right)

On her feed the illustration representing a dog and legs in an oval looks just like the illustration I did for my sister over 3 months ago. Then I scroll down and see the family portrait that looks just like my baby announcement and and and…

(My work on the left- Imitation by Brittani Rose on the right)

It doesn’t end! She is completely copying my work! From the shape of the carrier to the clouds and the ribbons.

(My work on the left- Imitation by Brittani Rose on the right)

Again a family portrait, same layout/ oval cut out, and similar font, same clouds…

(My work on the left- Imitation by Brittani Rose on the right)

Look at the shape of the sunglasses, the colors of the hairs, the hat and little feather EVEN THE DARK LINE ON THE BOOTS!!!! Oh wait, I guess she doesn’t know yet how to reproduce my 3D objects…

And I could show you many other images like that. She’s even posting photos of her workspace on instagram like I do, with the same tools!!!

(My work/IG photos on the left – Imitation by Brittani Rose on her IG on the right)

Look at the little star purse on her illustration, doesn’t it remind you of the purse I have on my baby announcement? What about the shoes, exactly like the one I did for this illustration, also the tassel and the little star:

(My work on the left- Imitation by Brittani Rose on the right)

Too many similarities to be just a coincidence right? And it is interesting to see on her FB, that about a month ago her style was this.

I have no words to describe what I am feeling, I’m just sick to my stomach. How can she thinks it’s ok to steal?

I spent a couple years after school finding my own style, I put so much work into it and believing that one day I’ll become an illustrator.

So turns out, an afternoon I should have spent working on my orders and client work, or just relaxing! I spent it being angry and almost crying in front of my computer, writing this post and replying to her message to me on Etsy: “I am sorry but I have never seen your work before. I honestly don’t see what I copied.” _Brittani Rose. What can I reply to her when it’s obvious that she’s seen it before…please help me people! I want to have her Etsy shop and IG account closed. Spread the word. She is certainly not the first plagiarist who steal my work and probably not the last one, my bunnies have been stolen so many times, but this time it’s just too much. This is my entire work, subjects and ideas.

Anyway, my little doll is 5 months old today, let’s make this day a positive and happy one, she should be back from the park soon! Plus Brittani Rose isn’t worth wasting my time, right?

Have a good weekend guys!

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Let’s go for a stroll!

One of my favorite things to do since I am a mum is to go for strolls around the city with my little bear. I love love my Bugaboo Cameleon, it is so easy to steer! Even if I love so much the look of the bassinet I think we might be switching soon for the seat because Lula is very curious. I always put my Ergo carrier in the basket of the stroller in case she’d want to see more of the view! Lula loves it, it calms her in a wink! And always a little blanket in case it’s getting cold,  we know how weather can change very fast in San Francisco! I got a Fjallraven backpack while ago and it became our diaper bag, it works so great because we can attach it to the stroller handle.




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Margaux and Haley

Here is a little illustration I made of my sister Margaux and her dog Haley soon to be her blog header! It is inspired by this post. My sister lives in London, so does my brother and I miss them. They haven’t met Lula yet and it’s been so hard to be far from them especially now. I wish I could share all those moments with Lula with them. As soon as I get my visa renewal approved I plan on going to France, hopefully in february if not sooner! I really can’t wait.

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Looking forward to do it again!

Here are a few things I enjoyed last year and I am looking forward to do again this year:

1/ Drink hot chocolates with marshmallow while watching movies under the blanket!

2/ Rent a cabin in the forest!

3/ Cut our own tree for Christmas!

4/ A little brunch with friends in our backyard!

5/ Illustrate one of my favorite subjects!

6/ Spend the weekend in beautiful Big Sur!

And these moments will all be even more precious this year as they will be shared with Lula! I am so excited!

And you, what are your favorite things to do this season?


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My baby announcement card!

Here is the baby announcement card I made for our precious Lula born on august 17th. I wanted to do something fun and different from what we are used to see and most importantly something that represent us. I thought an illustrated family portrait would be cute. Even Maggie our cat is here! You may notice little details like the triangles and clouds and also the grey and blush color palette that I chose to decorate her nursery.And this is the photo of Lula we joined inside the card. I could kiss those cheeks all day long!

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