Have A Wonderful Weekend!



Sorry for the lack of post lately, these past couple weeks have been a little complicated between Lula sick, the jet lag and the big pile of work that was waiting for me when we came back from vacation. Thank god my new intern just arrived and Lula seems to finally getting better. I hate seeing her so weak, she is usually such a happy girl with a lot of energy and almost never cries.

Here are some new illustrations I made for the Netherlands magazine Libelle. This is for a guide about going outdoor on adventures with your girlfriends. All I am thinking about right now! In 14 months with Lula, I never spent a night away from her, not even a full day. I never felt the need to escape for a little bit and I love so much spending the weekends with my little family, those moments are so precious to me. But maybe it would be the time for a nice weekend to relax with friends…rent a little cabin in the woods and explore nature.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of adventures!



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Lula Turns 1- Birthday Party Invitation

Lula turns 1 on august 17th! This is so soon, I can’t believe it! Here is the little invitation I sent to her friends via Instagram. The theme will be “fete foraine” which means amusement park. It is inspired by the well-known Parc de la tete d’or in my hometown Lyon in France. I used to go a lot and brought Lula for the first time last february when she was just 5 months old. I can’t wait to go during our trip to France in september. Cotton candy, swans, swing, duck fishing game… a lot of fun activities, I can’t wait to celebrate my baby girl’s first birthday!


(Video editing by Dave Shortt)

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Happy Meal / My Paper Art for McDonald


I was so excited last month when agency Alma DDB in Miami reached me to work on a new McDonalds campaign for the Happy Meal.  I mean who doesn’t know McDonalds? Funny thing actually, I’ve been trying to tell my american friends who I was working for during the project and they couldn’t understand the name, I had to say it like ten times and then spell it…I’ve been living in the US for almost 6 years now and there are still some words I can’t pronounce like squirrel or water! “Can I have a bottle of water please?” “I’m sorry what?” you should have seen me at the supermarket the other day…embarrassing.

So, I have had a lot of fun working this project. I hope you like it. I don’t really eat meat anymore but making those miniature burgers made me really hungry for one.

More from this campaign coming soon!




Happy Meal Animation v04 new music-HD 720p from Shortt and Epic on Vimeo.

Photography and editing by Dave Shortt.


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Let the vacation begin!

Mexico here we come!

Tomorrow I am flying with my little family to Sayulita, a cute surfer town in Mexico I’ve heard so much about for the last couple years. We are finally going and I am so excited about it!

You know how much I love colors, so this place looks like a dream to me. I am really looking forward to walking around this colorful and happy little town, eating some fish tacos, listen to music (Lula shakes her butt every time she hears music, this is the cutest thing ever), having some beach/pool time with Lula, maybe try surf and of course shopping! Especially at Pacha Mama boutique owned by the famous Mignot sisters.

Paper swimsuit inspired by this very much wanted Mara Hoffman bikini and Karen Walker sunglasses!

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A Room Just For Lula!

What used to be my workspace slowly became Lula’s space. I first did half workspace half nursery but since she’s had a regular schedule with 3 naps a day and 12 hours sleep at night, I had to move! So my desk has now been in our bedroom for a couple months and I can take advantage of her naps and nights to work on my projects.

I moved her tipi that was in our bedroom to her room so now she has a space all to herself and she enjoys it! It makes it also a lot  easier for the nanny who comes a couple days a week. I have my space, they have hers. I can focus on my work while they play in the other room.

I have been collecting artwork to decorate the wall, got some vintage U and A letters and made the Ls out of paper because I couldn’t find some I like.

Here is a cute illustration made by my cousin for Lula and some arrows I got at a cool shop in Ojai.

A weaving I made during a workshop class with Megan Shimek. I got the decorative balloon at Coté Maison.

I had the bunny mask illustration custom made by Amy Dawson at Cheese before bedtime. Check out her work, I’m a huge fan!

The dolly was my grandmother’s and the cross-stitched bunny was made by Vanessa Guigere, a lovely and talented follower of my Instagram. The pear poster is by Fine Little Day. I used the left over from the MUR triangle stickers to make the flag garland. And you probably recognize the original paper illustration I made for Lula’s birth announcement! The fabulous bear rocker is from the Land of Nod and the hand dyed pink blanket was made by my friend at Happy french gang.

Here and there is how the room used to look like! And if you haven’t seen it already, this is the rest of her nursery.

This is the face she’s been doing a lot lately when she is super excited about something! She is wearing a Little Hip Squeaks headband, a Zara mini cardigan and pants, a Gap onesie.


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Oh Joy For Target Summer Collection / Paper Animation

Here is a little paper animation I worked on this last month for Oh Joy + Target summer collection preview. Always a pleasure to work with Joy, we like the same things! The products are amazing and will be online in all Target stores in the US and Canada on Sunday, May 25th for six weeks only! YAY to picnic parties!

oh joy! for target from chloe fleury on Vimeo.



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Story time with Lula

I knew I wanted to be an illustrator since my second year in art school. I was obsessed with children’s book and bought one almost once a week for inspiration. I loved (and still do) the textured illustrations: made with fabrics, cardboard, threads, papers…less traditional illustrations, less childish but still children books.

So at my parent’s house in France, my bedroom’s closet is full of illustrated books that I wish I had here so I can read them to Lula. I think that would be the first time I actually read them, I only looked at the images!

So I try every time I go back to France to put 2 or 3 in my luggage so I can build a fun little library here, and a mix of french and english books. Also, Lula’s new nanny speaks spanish with her so I’d love to find some spanish ones as well!

It is so fun to now read those books to Lula, they have a new meaning. At the time I bought those books I was dreaming about becoming an illustrator, and here I am 8 years later, reading the books who inspired my career to my daughter and finally be an illustrator myself (something that I doubted so many times, as it is really difficult to become successful in this field and it takes a lot of time to find your own style and build a portfolio). Maybe in a few years, I’ll read Lula one of my books! Who knows…

I also got her some of my favorite french books as a kid like the Martine series and Babar’s.

In these photos I am reading La Maison de Lulu illustrated by Delphine Durand. Lula loves it! Pop up are so fun!

What are your favorite children books? Any suggestions for me to read to Lula?




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Last Days of Winter

I made this portrait of Lula and I about 3 weeks ago, before I left for France. I finally got a chance to photograph it between two naps. Mine, not Lula’s…I’ve been sick since I came back. Not fun being sick especially when you have a baby to take care of (because I want to kiss her all the time) and a ton of work to do! Next week will be better!

This illustration is inspired by my favorite winter accessories and Lula’s. And her Jellycat bunny!

And now we are ready for spring! I now I am lucky I live in California, so we’ve already had a few spring days (not today, it is raining) when a lot of people are still under the snow…

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