Happy Halloween!


I hope you had a great Halloween weekend! Here are a few photos of Lula in her handmade costume (I took the morning after). She is obsessed with planes lately, I think “avion” is the word she says the most during the day, (well after “I want…” ) so I thought it would be fun if she was a little aviator for Halloween! I made the airplane with cardboard and paint. It was fun to make and she loved it! She kept playing with it during the week, jumping in, pretend she was flying. Then came Halloween day and she refused to put it on for trick or treating… she’s been a little grumpy after her naps lately so it was impossible to get her to wear it. But hey, that’s life with a toddler right?! So we got together with a few friends families and went trick or treating anyway, we still got her to wear the helmet and goggles and me and my big belly pretended to be a cloud with a rainbow (imagine me on the way to my friend’s house in the car…haha). Lula had so much fun picking out candies and chocolates at the houses and we stopped for a good hour in front of a house with a dj for a dance party with a bunch of people, that was the best! Watching toddlers dancing is seriously the funniest thing ever.


Now I can rest! Baby girl is coming in 3 weeks! I am 37 weeks pregnant today, time flies but really this month feels the longest!!!

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My Work For Playstation!


Last week I had the chance to create a visual for PlayStation’s 20 years anniversary and the launch of Tearaway Unfolded game, a messenger’s delivery adventure through a papercraft world! For the occasion PlayStation console got a Tearaway makeover: the PS1 console, controller and the little figurine from the game, all made of paper! The image was already published on their social pages.

A really fun project to work on, I hope you enjoy it!



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Lula’s First Birthday Party!


A couple weekends ago we celebrated Lula’s first birthday. If you’ve seen her party invitation you already know that the theme was “Fete Foraine” inspired by Le Parc de la Tete d’Or a gorgeous park in my hometown. We couldn’t have hoped for a better weather and were so glad almost all of our friends could be here with us to celebrate and my parents too!

I had fun making the paper decors: swan, ferris wheel, cotton candy machine,pinwheels, garlands, little train and ice-cream stand. The napkins, glasses, tablecloths, plates were from Meri Meri and the party hats from Oh Joy for Target collection. Our friend Thibault made 30 delicious belgian waffles (thank you again so so much, they were a hit!) and my mum brought from France a lot of sweets: cherry lollipops, dragés, biscuit rose de reims, roudoudou…. we also had pop corn, Sugar & Spun cotton candy, cupcakes from Mission MinisDynamo donuts and Anthony’s cookies (thank you Maria and Jason! my favorite cookies in SF). Ouahh so much food and I didn’t even find the time to eat, I was so busy running everywhere…but I caught up the day after with the left overs!

I hope you enjoy looking at these beautiful photos taken by amazing photographer Priscilla Gragg! Merci Priscilla!

Sorry for the amount of photos, I couldn’t choose! (and even more to come)










Of course she went for the donut!

















Where is Milo?! haha









Lula wore 2 different outfits! She started with a super fun tutu from Australian company Rock your baby. And then she wore a Jacadi dress and Freshly Picked moccasins. Her pom pom felt crown is from Hiho batik.


























This is the party favors the kids left with: delicious cotton candy from Sugar & Spun, Ice cream cone bubble maker and beach toys to make sand ice-cream from Party City!


We had a super fun day and our friends spoiled her with wonderful gifts. Thank you all so much for coming!

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Indigo and Neons

Here is my second try at weaving. I’ll show you the first one that is hanging in Lula’s room next week. I went to Meghan Shimek workshop a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it so much. I love the endless possibilities weaving offers, from the colors, stitch, design…to the use. I love that you can insert little piece of wood, beads anything actually! It can just be tapestry wall hangings or bigger projects like a rug, poncho, blanket, belt, bracelet…so many things!

I just got Sheila Hicks book, her work is so inspiring.

What I’d really like to learn next is basket weaving, I am looking for a class in San Francisco.

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Happy weekend!

I am part of the “cool mums” club in San Francisco since I was pregnant. All creative and very talented women with babies. There’s always meet ups and fun events to go to. Yesterday I was hosting for the first time a “galette des rois” party (french tradition meaning king cake) for the mums and their kids at my house! I put together a little photo booth backdrop and paper crowns. It was fun!  About 20 kids from 1 month to 4 years old. I’ve never had so many kids at my house before, this was a first. Luckily it was sunny so the older ones were able to play in the backyard.

I wish you all a happy and colorful weekend!

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Looking forward to do it again!

Here are a few things I enjoyed last year and I am looking forward to do again this year:

1/ Drink hot chocolates with marshmallow while watching movies under the blanket!

2/ Rent a cabin in the forest!

3/ Cut our own tree for Christmas!

4/ A little brunch with friends in our backyard!

5/ Illustrate one of my favorite subjects!

6/ Spend the weekend in beautiful Big Sur!

And these moments will all be even more precious this year as they will be shared with Lula! I am so excited!

And you, what are your favorite things to do this season?


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Re:Make in San Francisco!

Sorry I had to close my shop after 4 days I reopened it. I received so many orders which is great and I’m so happy to see so many people liking my work. But with Lula, I can’t manage it all! I hope I’ll be able to open again late october. However you can come meet me at the Re:Make event october 5th in San Francisco. It is an artisan showcase hosted by Brit+Co, I’ll be selling my artwork among many other local makers! Paper bunnies, ladies, San Francisco posters and more!

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My baby shower paper props!


Sorry for the lack of post this week, I’ve been working like crazy on my last client project before the baby comes! Here is a photo of paper objects I made to decorate the backyard for my baby shower last weekend. The biggest food cravings I have during this pregnancy are fruits and popsicles! And also I found it funny and cute that the pregnancy apps always compare each week the size of the baby to a fruit! I am in my 36 week and my baby is the size of a watermelon!

I’ll post photos of my baby shower next week, it was really fun, I had a great time thanks to my wonderful friends and lots of awesome presents!!!

Have a lovely weekend, I am off to Indian Springs for a pre-baby little vacation where I’ll enjoy pool, sun and massages!

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Lately on my instagram…

1/ Busy, busy in my studio, working like crazy on a couple of clients projects I can’t wait to share with you!

2/ Reading one of my favorite magazine while eating a matching popsicle!

3/ New friend in my backyard, Maggie loves flamingos too!

4/ Her Freshly Picked moccasins, my Swedish Hasbeens wedge sandals.

5/ Weekend brunch at Outerlands has become a routine! We love it!

6/ Set up for our backyard movie night! Fun!

7/ My maternity style at 33 weeks!

8/ Warm saturday at Dolores park!


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