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Here is april/may according to my instagram! Follow me!

1/ My desk, working on a three dimensional poster comission.

2/ Enjoying baby shopping a lot! These are Blabla booties.

3/ My 22 weeks baby bump at Coachella!

4/ Working on neon paper bunnies orders!

5/ Decorating my baby nursery and my cat enjoying a little too much the rug! (the crib too!)

6/ Photographed in my studio for a featured on Evite Postmark who I’ve been working with this last month.

7/ Golden gate bridge detail of a poster commission.

8/ My paper ladies finally in shadow boxes!

9/ My 26 weeks baby bump! Happy!

10/ Sneak peak at my work for Evite Postmark: 4 illustrated cards coming soon! Can’t wait to share them with you.


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Paper bear for the Baby GAP store on New York’s fifth avenue!

I had the pleasure to work on a display for Baby GAP late january. I just received the photos of my bear in the shop and I am so happy with the result! The whole space looks so great, I love the mix of grey, gold and neon colors. Look at that wall behind the bear with the little gold, yellow and pink dots!I wish I was in New York right now to see it in person. Maybe I’ll plan on a little trip soon!

I am so glad I got to work for Baby GAP, especially since I’m expecting a baby!!! I spend so much time at the SF store looking for cute clothes.  Now I want to decorate my baby nursery like this! Imagine how cool the bear would look in neon pink or gold!!!

This is too cute!!! I need a closet just like that!

Below are closer shots I took before I shipped the bear!

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My illustrations for Cosmopolitan

I received yesterday all the french Cosmopolitan issues I’ve illustrated for.  A good thing about working for a magazine is that I get to receive them all for free! And sometimes I really miss french magazines. So yesterday was kinda like Christmas!

Talk to you later, I have some important reading to do!

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A good good year!

2012 has been a wonderful year. I met incredible people and made new friends, I got to work with some of them. I had a second solo art show and got published in amazing magazines and blogs. I got to visit magical places from Seattle to Los Angeles, Boston, London, Coachella, Montreal… I got married!!! I am living my dreams and I want to thank my family and friends and you who’ve been following my work for all the support you gave me this year. May 2013 be as good as 2012 if not better!

I wish you all a very successful and happy 2013. Be passionate!

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