Hello From My New Studio!


Hey! I recently move into a new studio! It’s located in the sunny Mission District. It feels so good to have my own space and get ready everyday (I used to work in my pj’s and shower at 2pm). Before we had Lula, her nursery was my studio, then it became half nursery half studio but very soon I had to move all my stuff out of her room and put my desk in our bedroom. It worked for a few months but then I needed a real space dedicated to my work. I thought it would be hard at first because I loved working from home but I am really glad I made this decision. I ride my bike there everyday and the best thing is that it’s half way from our home and Lula’s nanny. So I can pick her up after my work day is done, she’s only 5 minutes away.

More photos to come soon! This one is from Maria Del Rio.

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Happy Holidays! Get Cozy!


Hello! Are you as excited as I am that there’s only 3 days left until Christmas?! I can’t wait to be playing in the snow in Tahoe with Lula friday and get cozy under a blanket watching movies! A much needed week of vacation!

Here are a couple of fun images I made in collaboration with the talented Eva Black and her beautiful lettering work.

Click to download the Happy Holidays wallpaper.


Click to download the Get Cozy wallpaper.

Have a wonderful week!

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Summertime Props!


Here are a few fun props I made that were commissioned by amazing photographer Maria Del Rio for her summertime shoot in San Francisco. It is featured in the issue 10 of Minc Magazine. I love all the colors and fun styling! And the super cool graphic background, it was shot in the sunset, a colorful neighborhood near the ocean. Don’t you want to have a garage door like this? I also want those super curly hairs!










Makeup/Hair: Katie Nash
Wardrobe styling: Jane Park
Models: Alexis (Scout), Leijia (Scout), and Elisapeti (Jewels New York)
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For Me and For Her: Pastel Like Candy


1/ Jujubunnyshop fabulous dolphins sunglasses, I am in love with these and the entire shop actually. I just ordered them for Lula even if they will probably be too big for now.

2/ Sophia Webster Violeta sandals. I am completely obsessed with this designer, have you seen her baby sandals?

3/ Freshly Picked Glacier moccasins, just another color to add in her closet!

4/ Shoppe La Lune mermaid necklace, how cute?! I couldn’t resist getting the soft blue and pink for Lula for when she is a little bigger too.

5/ Swatch candy watch!

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4 Instagrammers to follow!


4 instagrammers who amazed me, who made me smile and laugh, who made me dream lately.

imlauramiller is a super cool lady chef based in San Francisco. Her photos are so fun and creative, make me laugh every time!

amandajanejones is a graphic designer based in Chicago, she is the creative behind the beautiful Kinfolk magazine. Of course I love to see photos of her little Jane but I also love her #creeinthewild serie with her husband.

francagarrel I just love her little compositions out of things. Super cute!

maraserene  is an artist and owner of beautiful General Store in San Francisco, she built a cabin in Topanga with her architect husband Mason St. Peter. I love watching its evolution and decor. Building a little house in the woods has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

and me if you don’t already! Follow my instagram.

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A Room Just For Lula!

What used to be my workspace slowly became Lula’s space. I first did half workspace half nursery but since she’s had a regular schedule with 3 naps a day and 12 hours sleep at night, I had to move! So my desk has now been in our bedroom for a couple months and I can take advantage of her naps and nights to work on my projects.

I moved her tipi that was in our bedroom to her room so now she has a space all to herself and she enjoys it! It makes it also a lot  easier for the nanny who comes a couple days a week. I have my space, they have hers. I can focus on my work while they play in the other room.

I have been collecting artwork to decorate the wall, got some vintage U and A letters and made the Ls out of paper because I couldn’t find some I like.

Here is a cute illustration made by my cousin for Lula and some arrows I got at a cool shop in Ojai.

A weaving I made during a workshop class with Megan Shimek. I got the decorative balloon at Coté Maison.

I had the bunny mask illustration custom made by Amy Dawson at Cheese before bedtime. Check out her work, I’m a huge fan!

The dolly was my grandmother’s and the cross-stitched bunny was made by Vanessa Guigere, a lovely and talented follower of my Instagram. The pear poster is by Fine Little Day. I used the left over from the MUR triangle stickers to make the flag garland. And you probably recognize the original paper illustration I made for Lula’s birth announcement! The fabulous bear rocker is from the Land of Nod and the hand dyed pink blanket was made by my friend at Happy french gang.

Here and there is how the room used to look like! And if you haven’t seen it already, this is the rest of her nursery.

This is the face she’s been doing a lot lately when she is super excited about something! She is wearing a Little Hip Squeaks headband, a Zara mini cardigan and pants, a Gap onesie.


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Happy Friday + Plans For The Weekend!

I am so excited to be friday, my good friend from Montréal is visiting me for the weekend, I haven’t seen her for a year and half! And we both had babies since!

Our plans for the weekend include the Magic, Color, Flair exhibit at the Walt Disney Museum. Mary Blair’s work is so beautiful and magical!

I plan on showing her the best views of the city, from Twin Peaks, Corona Heights and Telegraph Hill by the Filbert Steps! Last time I climbed up those stairs I was pregnant. Climbing them and many others in the city became a little routine at the last month of my pregnancy to make Lula arrive fast or at least on time! It will be fun to go back with her.

More pool time in the backyard if the weather permits!

And a girl night, a mani-pedi, good restaurants, beach walk, picnic at the park…

Have a beautiful and fun weekend!

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Inspired by Aiko Fukawa


Aiko Fukawa is a japanese artist who does super cute, colorful artworks for advertisements, book covers, stationary,  magazines, children’s picture book. Look how detailed those ornaments are  and the cats outfits!? Can I dress my cat like this? so fun!

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