My interview in Made in Paper magazine

I just received the last issue of Made in Paper with my interview in it!

Here is the interview in English if you are interested in reading it:

Originally you are from France. What made a french illustrator going to San Francisco?
It was my dream since I came on a trip to California with my parents when I was 10 years old. I just fell in love with California and especially San Francisco. 14 years later I had the opportunity to come and live with a family for 3 months and fell in love again. I found an internship in a design agency so I could get a visa and stay. I now have been living in San Francisco for 8 years and moving soon to Los Angeles.

Describe your style (the style of your paper artwork).
It is happy and colorful, inspired by my girls and travels.

How did your career as an paper artist start? (in Lyon already?)
I always loved making things with my hands, already when I was a child I was making origami and paper boxes. I always knew I’d have a career in art, I studied graphic arts for 4 years at ECV in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. The last year I discovered stop-motion animation during a workshop and I completely fell in love with the process and making decors for it. At that time I would use anything from paper, cardboard to clay, fabrics… It is when I arrived in San Francisco that I felt so inspired by all the colors from the architecture so I started using bright colored paper only, I loved it and people seemed to like my work too so I just kept doing it and that’s how I found my style and got my first client to do illustrations for a magazine.

Why do you prefer working with paper?
I like to transform a flat paper sheet into something three dimensional, the process is really fun and challenging to but the result is so magical!

Did/how did your move to San Francisco (your new environment) change your style?
Like I said above, it is in San Francisco that I really found my style. The colors and happy vibe from the city definitely inspired my work. I always wonder how my work would look like if I stayed in France or Montreal in Canada where I lived for a year prior to moving to San Francisco.

You are working as a Prop Stylist in San Francisco. What are you doing exactly … (as far as it has to do with paper …) I am an illustrator, paper artist and prop stylist. I also have my own online shop where I sell paper animal kits to decorate homes. I do illustrations and stop-motion animations for magazines and brands such as Milk Magazine, Yoga Journal, Oh Joy!, McDonald’s, Target, Chronicle Books. I’ve also done in-store displays for Gap Baby and more recently found an interest in creating paper props for brands such as Indego Africa, Louise Misha and the magazine FamilyFun. I am really excited by our move to LA, I really hope to do exciting collaborations with brands.

What has been your most challenging job as a prop stylist by now?
As much as I love photoshoots with kids they are also the most challenging as a prop stylist because you never really know how the kids are going to behave that day and paper props can be very delicate and fragile. So I always have to be prepared, bring more papers and all my tools, and make extra pieces in case some need to be replaced, improvised. But this is what makes it fun and exciting too!

Tell us more about what you do … How is your home? As funny and colorful as your objects? My home is as colorful as my work. As much as I love neutral and all white space I always need to add a little touch of colors. I also like to mix styles and prints and texture. I like my home to be cozy and welcoming and a fun space for my daughters to grow up in and be inspired by!


Your home is covered with objects/styles from all over the world (Greece, Mexico, France, Marocco)… Where do you get your inspirations? yes I have a lot of pieces from my travels, I love Moroccan rugs and cushions, Mexican baskets and textiles…I am inspired by all the colors and textures and I can never get enough of baskets!

Why are colors so important to you? They make me happy! They put me in a good mood!

How would your dream(paper)project look like? My dream would be to really grow my brand, my product design studio. Find help from people I trust and are as inspired and ambitious as I am to bring my products ideas to life.

Do you spend a lot of time time with social media? What is your favorite platform to communicate your work (and why)?
I do, a little too much actually! Instagram is a really great platform to share my work, my new products and bits and pieces of my life with my kids and our travels, inspiration…

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