We couldn’t have hoped for a better big sister. Lula has been the sweetest since we welcomed Anouk. She asks for her sister all the time, the first thing she does when she comes home from preschool is to look for her and she has a big smile on her face when she sees her. She gives her kisses, hold her tiny hands, rock her if she cries, sing to her… and watching them interact is simply the best. I can’t believe how grown up she looks all of a sudden!

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  1. Congratulations! Anouk is beautiful and Lula looks like she loves being a sister. So sweet! We just welcomed a son a month ago and our nearly two-year-old daughter has been so good with him. Siblings are a beautiful thing! xx, Risa

  2. Félicitations pour ses deux beautés ! Pour ma part j’ai la version masculine, un petit Renaud de 20 mois et un petit Bastien d’une semaine aujourd’hui !
    J’ai le même couffin mais sans support… le tient me parait sympa, c’est quelle marque ?
    Merci par avance !

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