Mother Daughter Style #30 + Quinny South Beach Collection

lula_stroller_3(Photographed by Sabrina Bot)

I am so excited to share with you about Quinny’s new special edition South Beach Collection. This gorgeous Zapp Xtra stroller was offered to us last week and I couldn’t wait to go on a stroll with Lula. How cool is this pink pastel color with accents of neon?! It fits perfectly with our colorful world and just in time for summer. As soon as we unfolded the stroller, Lula jumped in it ready to go! And trust me, it hasn’t been easy having her stay in her stroller lately.







That face! Lula is wearing a Zara jumpsuit, Vans and Hello Shiso hairpin.



I am wearing an Ace & Jig hoodie (one of my favorite brand! they have the softest fabrics, so comfortable! if only I could own all their dresses and shorts!), Zara denim dungarees, jellies from American Apparel and earrings bought in an Arizona Indian’s reservation last summer.




I just realized while looking at the photos that we were so in a rush to get outside with it that I forgot to remove some of the white protection pads near the wheels haha!



Thank you again Quinny for this super cool stroller, it will sure come with us on many adventures this summer!

And if you too are not afraid of colors and want to brighten up your day with a fun stroller, you can buy it at Albee Baby (on sale now). It also exists in a soft blue with neon green accents!



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  1. Elle est super fun cette poussette et l’assise semble confortable. Ici aussi ça commence a être difficile de la garder dans la poussette il faudrait rouler tout le temps.

    1. Tres comfortable oui car elle a l’air de vouloir y rester. J’avoue que des fois je changerais bien de place! Si seulement je pouvait me faire pousser aussi 😉 Et sinon oui il faut rouler, chanter, faire le bruit des animaux…la distraire! C’est du sport d’etre maman!

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