Welcome Into Lula’s Dreamland!



If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know what Lula’s nursery used to look like. A bunnyland with a mint, blush and grey color palette.

Lula is now almost 2 years old (21 months to be exact, already?!!) and I’ve been rearranging her bedroom for the last couple months. She is a big girl now who loves colors, animals, playing with her dolls, dancing, cooking, hiding in her teepee, reading stories… A girl full of energy and adventurous. She started climbing her bed a couple months ago, until she fell out one morning! I never thought this moment would arrive so fast! Most of my friends kids are still in their crib until 2 and half-3 years old. So we first removed the front panel from her crib while I was looking for a toddler bed.

I have been following the work of Kalon Studios for some time and I was obsessed with their beautiful caravan divan. So Lula climbing out her crib actually gave me a good excuse to finally get it! I think it looks perfect in her new room. I love the modern lines, especially the legs and the pink color on natural wood. And I like that when she’ll grow out of it, we’ll still be able to use it as a little divan to seat on with pretty cushions on the sides.



I started bringing more colors in her room by adding other paper animals than the bunny with bright colored backdrop. In the frame on top of the raccoon is the original paper art I made for her baby announcement and the ice cream cone is a prop I made from her first birthday. I got the poms garland in Mexico and the God’s eye too.


I wanted her room now to feel more personal and unique, inspiring for her, filled with colors and decorations that are not baby decoration that you’ve seen a million times already. Objects we brought back from our trips in Morocco and Mexico. My husband is half Moroccan. Paper decorations I made, photos, gifts… from her first almost 2 years.

It is still a work in progress but like every room in our home, I like to move things around all the time!


Every time she sees a basket or paper bag, box… she has to put it on her head! This cute mini basket is one of the few I bought in the souk in Marrakesh!


Oh hello! Her outfit is from Pink Chicken.



The name of this post and Lula’s bedroom is inspired by her favorite french book called Bienvenue a Dreamland. This is a super fresh and colorful book representing scenes at the beach, at the theme park, in tree houses with animals and cute little characters like a grandmother skateboarding, a flying pig… so many fun and magical details to look for.


Lula loves her new bed, you should have seen her face when she saw it for the first time in her room. In two seconds she was jumping on it with a huge smile. She is still adjusting to it at night. We found her a few times sleeping on the floor with her bunnies against the door, because she wanted to get out but didn’t know how to open the door…until this morning!

During the day she likes to put her dolls and bunnies to sleep in her bed. She puts them under the blanket, give them a kiss and say “dodo”. I love her so much!


Her crib used to be against that grey wall and the teepee on the other side of the room, where the bed is now. I like this new setup, I think she likes it too! On the white wall you can see my paper bunny and a garland from my friend Jordan’s BrightLab!


I bought this gorgeous embroidered scarf (not sure how to call it) in Mexico, as well as the striped blanket and the poms on the bear.

The teepee is from House Inhabit and the arctic rocker from The Land of Nod.


Always hugging her friends!



This beautiful Peruvian cushion is from Leif, my favorite online shop!



Shoes, shoes, shoes… I don’t know which one of us has the biggest collection! She loves trying on my shoes and walk around the apartment with them, she also like to put her shoes on her dolls, bunnies…and us! Lula is wearing sandals from Zara which I need to find in my size! I am wearing Jelly sandals from American apparel and the ones in the basket are Freshly picked moccasins! We got this beautiful rug in Morocco, during our trip last summer. I am obsessed with it and I want another one…or two!


I started a little photo gallery on her wall of friends and family, we also have one in the kitchen and in the hallway. She likes to pass by, point and say who she sees in the photos. We are teaching her names. It is the cutest thing to hear the way she pronounces them, you should hear her say “Augustine”, her friend’s name.

She also loves her kitchen my parents offered her for Christmas. She pretends she put salt and pepper and the casserole and taste the imaginary food and say “mmmm” and offers me to taste as well. She like put put things in oven, Every time a key or remote control seems missing, we know this is where we’ll find it.

I got the colorful rattle in Mexico and the mini grocery bag at Mapamundi kids, a new fun store for kids in San Francisco.



This cute hairpin is from Hello Shiso. I know she doesn’t have many hair yet but I’m just so impatient and I couldn’t resist. Her hairs seem actually to be growing lately! I am so excited. All our friend’s kids and others we meet at the park who are younger or same age as Lula have always more hairs. I am so jealous! But sometimes, especially during dinner time I am actually happy she doesn’t have much. It is really hard to take lasagna off hairs!!!



Thank you to Sabrina Bot for these beautiful photos of my girl in her new room.

I hope you have a colorful week!

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  1. Magnifique comme toujours!
    Et toutes ces couleurs! Bravo, je suis fan:)
    Peut on trouver le racoon sur ton eshop? Je vais aller voir, trop mignon…
    Juste une question par curiosité: Lula est-elle déjà bilingue? Vous lui parlez les 2 langues français/anglais?

    1. Merci 😉 Et oui tu peux trouver le raccoon sur mon shop ici: http://shop.chloefleury.com/collections/frontpage/products/raccoon-paper-kit

      Elle apprend le francais avec nous, l’anglais a la creche 2 jours par semaine et l’espagnol chez sa nanny 2 jours par semaine 😉
      Elle nous fait un mix des 3 langues, il y a certain mots qu’elle prefere dire en espagnol, d’autre en anglais… elle choisit! C’est chou, on verra comment ca evolue mais ca serait super si elle pouvait continuer avec ses 3 langues.

      1. Ahahah, super les 3 langues! Quelle chance pour elle!!
        Merci pour le lien pour le racoon, je crois q je vais craquer;)
        Et surtout rassure toi pour les cheveux de Lula, elle est superbe ainsi!! J’adore les bébés (je m’y connais un peu avec mes3filles, ahahah!) et la tienne est vraiment adorable;))

          1. Est- ce que l’on peut te commander le racoon tel que celui qui est dans la chambre de Lula? C’est à dire avec un fond couleur parme ou mauve? Sur le eshop je ne vois que du rose clair. Par avance merci!!
            Belle journée:)

          2. Oui as de probleme, commande avec le fond rose et ecris dans la section note que tu souhaiterais du parme a la place 😉 merci!

  2. Cette série de photo est superbe. Tout est beau et Lula est vraiment choupinette. C’est coloré et harmonieux ta petite fille a bien de la chance d’avoir une si jolie chambre. Et pour les cheveux ne t’inquiètes pas ça va vite venir, en attendant prépare le stock de barrettes.

  3. Incroyable cette chambre ! Tout est si bien choisi !
    Profite bien des petits cheveux, ma fille a 1 an 1/2 et ses cheveux sont si longs que je peux faire couettes et queue de cheval mais aussi si irréguliers en termes de longueur que rien ne tient !!! C’est totalement ingérable 😉

    1. merci!
      C’est fou que certain bébé ait beaucoup plus de cheveux que d’autres, je ne sait pas a quoi c’est du. C’est vrai que je suis impatiente de lui faire des couettes, mais c’est chou aussi ces petits cheveux courts, elle fait encore bébé comme ca!

  4. truly the most beautiful bedroom i’ve ever seen! the way you mix color and textures is so thoughtful and playful. lula is a very lucky little girl!

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