On The Hunt For A Toddler Bed!


Lula just started climbing out of her crib, so I guess it is time now to transition to a toddler bed.

There are a few different styles that I really like but it’s hard to make a decision as they can be really expensive.


Sometimes I wish we were in France, so things like a rotin bed would be much easier to find. I’ve always dreamed of one. My mum always tells me there’s a lot of rotin furnitures at the flea market in Lyon. I found a very cute one at La Redoute but they don’t ship to the US, so I would have to have it delivered at my parents and then they would have to ship it to us so I’m afraid it will cost a fortune. I’ve always loved rotin furniture and I think a rotin bed for a little girl is just too cute and it last in time. I’d love to add a little touch of vintage and french in Lula’s bedroom. I had no luck finding one at the Alameda flea market last weekend so I’ll keep looking… This one is super cute too.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.47.22 AM

I was already obsessed with the Caravan crib from Kalon studio but didn’t want to spend that much money in a crib. But now I really want their divan, the neon pink is just fantastic! I love the simple and modern lines and you know how much I love colors! I am in the process of rearranging Lula’s bedroom now she is older. Just bringing a little bit more colors in and other paper animals (it won’t be just a bunnyland anymore). So I think this divan would work just perfectly, neon pink or yellow!


And how cool are these by Flexa?! Or this one!


Of course there’s always the Ikea solution, that is much much cheaper. They have some cute and simple options like this one.

Do you have any recommendations? Which one is your favorite?


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  1. Doesn’t your crib convert? Ours came with that extra piece to convert but some other brands offer it as an extra.
    Wow I can’t believe she is climbing out of the crib. Our LO is older and doesn’t do that. Maybe the fact she sleeps on a sleep sack doesn’t help her :).

  2. Moi aussi je rêve d’un lit en rotin pour Jeanne, elle a le même âge que Lula mais ça ne sera pas pour tout de suite je pense qu’elle changera de lit dans un an environ. Margaux était passé dans un “vrai” lit un peu avant ses 3 ans. Mon beau père travaillait dans une menuiserie, il avait fabriqué le lit de bébé et il lui a fait son grand lit ( je lui avais demande de reproduire un modèle AMPM). Je trouve ça cool qu’elle ai quelque chose de fait main par son papi.
    Pour en revenir au lit en rotin (désolé je raconte ma vie) je pense qu’on optera pour un AMPM. Et à ce moment on reverra un peu la deco qui est très “bébé” pour le moment, et je pense qu’elle aura un de tes lapins dont je rêve

  3. Les lits œuf NYC sont top, la marque Laurette aussi (mais peut être pas distribué aux USA!?). Ça reste tout de même coûteux mais moitié prix par rapport au modèle Kalon Studios. Chez ikea il y a un joli lit enfant en fer forge, et la taille est évolutive je crois. Et voilà je repars dans mes délirs deco!

    1. I thought about the house-shaped bed! They are really cool and I think Lula would love that!
      The crib doesn’t convert into a bed, it’s just a simple Ikea crib, and that’s ok it gives me a good reason to get a nice one 😉

  4. Hmm…try with Bopita? A dutch company, have really good prices and excellent quality.
    All the best from Vienna, I just ordered your bunny from yellow flamingo shop and I cannot wait to receive it 😀

  5. We got the bunny and we will make it today! Cannot wait 🙂 We’ll try to put it on Instagram too. A quick question, I am planning a trip to SF with my husband (french) and my daughter who is 2.5 years old. Would you have any recommendations as to where to stay, in which district and nice Air B&B places in SF? Perhaps you’d know?
    Best wishes,

    1. hey! thanks for your order!
      I live in the Mission District, it is a cool neighborhood with tons of restaurants, shops and playgrounds 😉 Some areas are better than other. Avoid mission street (a lot of homeless and crazy people) but Valencia st/Guerrero/dolores is nice. Also Hayes Valley, Lower Haight and Noel Valley are nice with kids. You can show me an Airbnb listing you find and I can tell you if it’s a good area or not.

  6. Hello, je suis une amie (copine de blog) de Margaux, et en me baladant sur des sites d’inspi pour la chambre de ma fille, je suis tombée sur ton blog. Bien sur, le nom de famille a fait mouche et j’ai tout de suite vu la ressemblance avec Margaux. Quelle surprise lorsque j’ai lu que tu cherchais un lit en rotin, alors que je viens juste d’écumer moi aussi les sites qui en proposent ? Bien sur, celui de la Redoute ne m’a pas échappé, mais, tout comme toi, je le trouve trop cher. Alors, j’ai tapé lit rotin sur le bon coin, et, oh Joie ! Il y en a plein, et à petit prix ! Voilà, je voulais donc te l’écrire si jamais tu n’y avais pas pensé. 😉 Et moi, je te pique l’idée des triangles sur le mur. 🙂 C’est vraiment trop mignon ! Bonne journée, Alexandrine

    1. Ah super! Je viens d’en trouver un chouette sur le bon coin mais je sais pas si ils envoient aux US et combien ca coutera, c’est surtout ca mon probleme…Merci pour tes conseils!

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