It’s a Cat Party!


Hello and Happy Monday!

Here are a few images of the cat (my new paper animal kit I released in the shop last week) shot by Maria Del Rio. I had so much fun styling this little playroom for the girls! They had fun drawing, dancing, jumping on the bed, reading stories…

As you can tell, I am a little obsessed by the light purple and apricot colors lately with a little touch of neon! Check my Instagram for more photo inspiration.



The clothes are from Zara Kids and Old Navy. The neon orange chairs are Mini Bertoias. The lights are from BrightLab!




I had fun making this bed from a palette I found and spray painted light purple. I think the result looks pretty cool and Lula was so happy when she saw it.







A big thanks to my little models, how cute is little Vivian?! She was so perfect for this shoot because she looooves cats! Every time I see her she wears cat ears!


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  1. Gorgeous! I love that shot of Lula and Vivian standing on the chairs. It reminds me of my girls playing together with the littlest wanting to be like one of her big sisters.

    My raccoon arrived last week. Yay! My little Mathilde is obsessed with the card that came with it. She keeps pointing at the picture of Lula standing outside of her teepee and says “buh buh” – which is her go to word for everything starting with B (bubbles, bath, her bunny mobile…) but in this case I think she’s trying to say baby. And then, wait for this… she kisses the picture of Lula! The card is all scrunched up and covered in apple sauce but she still likes to hold onto it like it’s a treasure 🙂

    1. haha so cute! Thank you so much for sharing that little story. Lula started saying bébé too, everytime she sees herself in a photo on our wall she says bebe, same with her dolls… that is the cutest thing ever!
      Thanks again for your order! And feel free to send me photos of it in her bedroom, I love to see my pets new homes 😉

  2. Super belle série de photos, l’association de ces couleurs est super jolie et bien sur Lula et la petit fille sont adorables.

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