Hello From My New Studio!


Hey! I recently move into a new studio! It’s located in the sunny Mission District. It feels so good to have my own space and get ready everyday (I used to work in my pj’s and shower at 2pm). Before we had Lula, her nursery was my studio, then it became half nursery half studio but very soon I had to move all my stuff out of her room and put my desk in our bedroom. It worked for a few months but then I needed a real space dedicated to my work. I thought it would be hard at first because I loved working from home but I am really glad I made this decision. I ride my bike there everyday and the best thing is that it’s half way from our home and Lula’s nanny. So I can pick her up after my work day is done, she’s only 5 minutes away.

More photos to come soon! This one is from Maria Del Rio.

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  1. Félicitations, c’est un beau projet et c’est cool si tu es contente. Je suis super curieuse j’ai hâte de voir d’autres photos je suis certaine que la deco est top

  2. Suite du message : Ça devait être sympa de travailler de chez toi mais peut être pas facile tous les jours. En plus tu dois avoir plein de décors et d’illustration à stocker ça devait te prendre une place folle.
    Encore bravo et je te souhaite d’être inspirer et heureuse dans ton nouveau studio.

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