November 18

November 18th from Lea Lafleur on Vimeo.

November 18th was my birthday. I turned 31! For the occasion I picked up Lula earlier from daycare and I took her on her first cable car ride! She loved it! She waved to people, dogs…


And we crossed Danny and Mindy on the set of The Mindy Project TV show in a cable car on the opposite side (00:31 in the video). So fun!






We had seafood and french fries for lunch, went to see the Christmas tee, played on the beach, had a hot chocolate at Ghirardelli, played at the beach and end the day with a magical cable car ride back in to downtown. A good birthday afternoon with my favorite person in the whole world.




 (Photo and video credit: Lea Lafleur)

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  1. Happy belated b’day =)
    Ce que vous êtes craquantes toutes les deux & ce petit film est chouette comme tout.
    Il me rappelle mes vacances à SF.

  2. Joyeux anniversaire Chloé. Elle est super cette vidéo. Pour la naissance de ma fille ainée j’avais acheté un caméscope à mon mari et cela me fait penser qu’on ne s’en sert pas assez. Ca fait de beaux souvenirs.

  3. Dear Chloe,
    I really decided to write because I can not continue seeing your work, your lovely daughter and family without telling you that I think are a remarkable woman both at work and in your role as a mother. I wish you much success and I look forward to seeing great things from you.

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