Happy Meal / My Paper Art for McDonald


I was so excited last month when agency Alma DDB in Miami reached me to work on a new McDonalds campaign for the Happy Meal.  I mean who doesn’t know McDonalds? Funny thing actually, I’ve been trying to tell my american friends who I was working for during the project and they couldn’t understand the name, I had to say it like ten times and then spell it…I’ve been living in the US for almost 6 years now and there are still some words I can’t pronounce like squirrel or water! “Can I have a bottle of water please?” “I’m sorry what?” you should have seen me at the supermarket the other day…embarrassing.

So, I have had a lot of fun working this project. I hope you like it. I don’t really eat meat anymore but making those miniature burgers made me really hungry for one.

More from this campaign coming soon!




Happy Meal Animation v04 new music-HD 720p from Shortt and Epic on Vimeo.

Photography and editing by Dave Shortt.


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  1. Pfiou : génial !
    Et les bulles dans le coca dans la petite animation : dément.
    Je suis super fan =)

    Quant à l’accent, même si j’ai vécu 15 mois à NYC, j’ai gardé mon accent franchouillard malgré moi (damn it!). Le mot qui me pose le plus de difficultés étant “patatoes” !!!!

  2. So fun to watch your success! AND- I just pulled up Evite to create a party invite and saw an image for a pool party invitation! Is this your work too?!

  3. Super cute and congratulations on working with such a huge brand!

    I would love to hear how you pronounce McDonalds – and squirrel and water 🙂

    I’m Australian and I find that many people here in San Francisco have trouble understanding me at time too!

  4. This is so great!!!! I love it and you are incredibly creative!
    And by the way now I want to hear you say ‘water’ and ‘squirrel’. : )

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