Absolutely NEED These For Lula!

These might just be the coolest baby sandals I’ve ever seen! But why are they £150! Whyyyy?!My sister who lives in London just discovered this super talented designer Sophia Webster and sent me the link. Aren’t they to die for?

Between the adorable Freshly Picked and these, it really makes me want to design my own line of baby shoes, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I am obsessed!

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  1. Ohhhh myyyyyy. The first one for me, please! I don’t care if it’s not my size, I love them!
    But, really, 150 $ for shoes the littles ones are going to wear like, what, 6 months? EVen if it was for me I would think a lot before spending such a price. (Mmmmh, ok, for those beauties, I would not think too much, actually…^-^)
    Your sister has as good taste as you!
    (sorry if my english isn’t at his best…) (I’m trying)
    Have a lovely week end!

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