4 Instagrammers to follow!


4 instagrammers who amazed me, who made me smile and laugh, who made me dream lately.

imlauramiller is a super cool lady chef based in San Francisco. Her photos are so fun and creative, make me laugh every time!

amandajanejones is a graphic designer based in Chicago, she is the creative behind the beautiful Kinfolk magazine. Of course I love to see photos of her little Jane but I also love her #creeinthewild serie with her husband.

francagarrel I just love her little compositions out of things. Super cute!

maraserene  is an artist and owner of beautiful General Store in San Francisco, she built a cabin in Topanga with her architect husband Mason St. Peter. I love watching its evolution and decor. Building a little house in the woods has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

and me if you don’t already! Follow my instagram.

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