Baskets love

I’ve always loved baskets. I love their shapes, patterns and colors…I can’t never get enough of them. I am constantly looking for some more to add into my collection. Either to use it as a purse, carry things around when I’m going to the beach or for a picnic or simply to decorate my home (see here and here). I find them not only beautiful but also super useful and even more now that I am a mum, it is just perfect to store Lula’s toys!  They are also super fun to use as planters, I might try that very soon…

So here are a few ones I have my eye on:

1/Winged Woven Basket

2/Fair Trade Woven African Basket

3/Lidded Tassel Basket

4/Senegalese Knitting Basket

5/Winged Woven Basket

You can see more on my Pinterest board.

Also now that I’ve learned weaving I’d really love to try myself at basket weaving. Looking for some online diy instructions…


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  1. Ils sont tous beaux!! J’aime particulièrement le 4 pour ces couleurs pastels qui iraient bien dans ma chambre! Et le 3, si fun, si original, j’aimerais me l’offrir et l’offrir à mes copines, cela ferait de jolis cadeaux!
    Belle sélection en tous cas, tu as du goût!
    Bonne journée!


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