Happy Friday + Plans For The Weekend!

I am so excited to be friday, my good friend from Montréal is visiting me for the weekend, I haven’t seen her for a year and half! And we both had babies since!

Our plans for the weekend include the Magic, Color, Flair exhibit at the Walt Disney Museum. Mary Blair’s work is so beautiful and magical!

I plan on showing her the best views of the city, from Twin Peaks, Corona Heights and Telegraph Hill by the Filbert Steps! Last time I climbed up those stairs I was pregnant. Climbing them and many others in the city became a little routine at the last month of my pregnancy to make Lula arrive fast or at least on time! It will be fun to go back with her.

More pool time in the backyard if the weather permits!

And a girl night, a mani-pedi, good restaurants, beach walk, picnic at the park…

Have a beautiful and fun weekend!

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