Welcome to the United States of America

This is the title of the letter I received this week. After an internship visa, 3 working ones and 5 years and half in the United States, I finally received my green card! YAY! I am so happy and relieved. I love more and more each day living in this country. I am so grateful to live in one of the most beautiful city and forever thankful for all the people who gave me the chance to show what I was capable of. I met wonderful people here who made my career as an illustrator a dream come true and so made my teenager dream to live in America come true as well. I love how open-minded, generous and tolerant people are here. No jealousy, no competition, no judging. Just a happy, encouraging and overall positive attitude that makes you dream about even bigger things. Everything is possible!

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      1. in NYC ! J’ai été jeune fille au pair/étudiante en anglais pendant un an après ma licence, puis je suis revenue un peu plus d’un an finir mon master à Hunter College et faire mon stage de fin d’études à la NY Public Library 😉 Si j’avais pu avoir un visa de travail, je serai restée sans aucune hésitation !

  1. Félicitation!
    Moi mon visa étudiant expire en septembre et je rentre en France. Bye bye New york .. mais je reviendrai 😉

    1. Merci! Ahh dommage, tu es restée combien de temps a NY? c’est mon reve d’y vivre depuis 15 ans, mais depuis que je vis a San Francisco je me dis que la qualité de vie est sans doute plus sympa en californie 😉

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