Saturday morning nap

My friend’s 3 years old boy birthday is today, I have to go get a gift this morning but I am waiting for Lula to wake up from her nap. I slowly walked into her bedroom to watch her sleep, she is so cute, I love how she made herself so cozy at the left side of the crib between the cloud pillow and stuffed animals. I took this photo of her and manage not to wake her up. She’s been so tired this week because of the jet lag. We came back from France last monday and it was a little hard for her, I’ve never seen her crying that much. She’s usually a very happy baby and don’t cry a lot. I am so glad she seems to be feeling better this morning. My paper bunnies are watching over her…shhh…my little baby.

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  1. Hi Chloe

    Poor Lula 🙁 I hope she is feeling better. I want to do the flight to San Francisco later this year to see my mum but Luna is bottlefed and I am anxious about heating them up on a long haul flight, sterilizing, running out of formula etc. all of this would be straight forward if she breast fed but she doesnt!
    Can I ask what you did? Don’t worry if you aren’t happy to share 😉


    1. The flight was easy, she slept at least half of the trip. there was just 2 or 3 hours each way she was crying a little, so I had to walk around the plane a lot 😉 but the cabin crew was super nice and helpful. Lula is bottlefeed too. I took enough formula for 3 bottles, they helped me heat them up and clean them sometimes, so really don’t worry about it! And do it before she crawls/walks 😉 I heard it’s much easier, because after they don’t sleep that much and they want to touch everywhere, walk around…so you’ll be up the whole flight and it can be very tiring!
      Good luck!

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