Happy 5 months!

My little doll turned 5 months yesterday, the 17th. I love her to pieces, she’s brought so much joy into our lives. We went for a little walk around a lake south of San Francisco with friends this afternoon. The weather these last couple weeks have been summer-like. It is so pleasant. Lula is starting to make eye contact with other babies and smile at them. She gets so excited it is so cute to watch. Next week I’ll go to a music class with her for the first time, I can’t wait!

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      1. Thank you! I actually reached out to Teeny Tiny Optics and told them I found those glasses here, so they may reach out to you because I think they are interested in using the photo of Lula.

  1. Elle est tellement chou cette Lula ! J’ai hâte que ma fille soit un peu plus vive (elle a 1 mois) et qu’elle puisse jouer avec nous !

    Profitez bien !

  2. she is just the cutest baby i have ever seen! i am in love with how you dress little lula and how you always match what you wear to her. your outfits always work so well together. just adore it! xx

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