More details in my Baby Bunnyland!

A couple months ago, before Lula’s birth, I received this gorgeous mobile from The Allison Show! I finally found some time to photograph it as well as other new details in the nursery!

I love how the colors and triangles match perfectly my nursery. I already had my eye on Allison’s mobiles before she sent me this one, I think it’s a very lovely addition! Follow Allison on instragram, she’s one talented lady and fantastic mama!

And this fur vest! Seriously! How amazing?! This one is a gift from the family, it’s an IKKS baby. I can’t wait to see Lula in it this winter, I’ll be so jealous, I need it in my size too!

You probably know those awesome triangles knitted blankets from Yarning Made, they are all over pinterest and the blogosphere! Well, I hesitated for a long time because I love them a lot but I thought it might be a little too much with the triangles on the wall, so I finally went for a custom version of her very cool Hi blanket, I asked her to make it in mint and grey and I love the result!

Here are 2 pieces I really like, first for the functional aspect but also because the design lines are simple and they integrate well into my nursery. Friends offered us the Withing baby monitor. It’s connected to the Withbaby app and it’s genius! It allows you to monitor your baby from any location. You can talk to your baby while watching him on the screen or play music and talk directly from your iPhone. My husband can look at her while he’s at work, and my mum can do it too from France! I let you imagine how happy she is!

The wall mounted CD player is from Muji, I’ve know this one for many years and I always told myself I’ll get one when I have a baby, so here we go! Lula love music when she’s in her crib!

Ahhh I can’t wait for winter! I got those adorable faux fur lined suede boots at Robeez. We are spending christmas in New York so they’ll be perfect!!! The mushroom lamp is from Egmont toys, you can find them on my friend very cool online store Sunday in color! The little star blanket is from H&M, my sister has been sending me burp clothes, sheets… from H&M London, they are so great! I wish we had the H&M home/baby in SF. I’d buy the entire store!

The pink and blue booties are from Blabla kids, it’s one of the first pieces I got for Lula, they are so cute! I got them in 3 colors!

More to come!


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  1. Hi! What about the little cute white rabbit? Where is it come from? I want it :))))))) congratulations for your blog!!!!

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