My baby announcement card!

Here is the baby announcement card I made for our precious Lula born on august 17th. I wanted to do something fun and different from what we are used to see and most importantly something that represent us. I thought an illustrated family portrait would be cute. Even Maggie our cat is here! You may notice little details like the triangles and clouds and also the grey and blush color palette that I chose to decorate her nursery.And this is the photo of Lula we joined inside the card. I could kiss those cheeks all day long!

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15. September 2013 by wearehop
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  1. Hey! Congratulations on your baby girl. I found your blog via pinterest and I simply love it. Beautiful work and beautiful blog. I will go and subscribe now.

  2. C’est juste magnifique! Quel beau travail, et quelle belle petite fille!

  3. Congratulations for you beautiful baby and congrats too for you original and nice card!!

  4. I already told you on IG, but, wow, the announcement is trully a work of art!
    You should add them to your shop!!!! :)
    And, well, Lula is just too precious for words!

  5. C’est magnifique Chloé ! Mais tu as dû y passer des heures et des heures (même si je me doute que quand on aime, on ne compte pas…). Tu as beaucoup de goût et tu es très douée 😉

    Justine, de Boulogne-sur-Mer

    PS : Votre petite Lula est superbe ♡

  6. Il est vraiment trop chouette ce faire-part ! Et ce doudou presque taille réelle ! Sans parler de votre petite fille qui a l’air adorable !

    J’espère que tu récupères bien !


  7. Pfiou décidément une bien jolie petite fille ta Lula.
    Et puis, si j’avais la chance de pouvoir être maman, je crois que j’aurais fait appel à toi pour mes faire-parts, c’est more than gorgeous =) as usual.

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I am beyond obsessed with your blog and your work – this announcement is incredible! Would you be able to do a custom order of these? I would love to get more info if that is a possibility! Xoxo.

  9. Congratulations on your babygirl Lula! My babygirl was born on August 9th, so they’re very close… 😉
    I absolutely am in love with your nursery! It’s so cute and tasteful!! Would you please tell me, where you got that cute doll from, where your daughter lies next to it? It’s adorable…
    Thanks an all the best to the little family!
    xx Linda

  10. Wow Chloé, this looks amazing! Did you make just one and than used a print version or did you seriously make all of them by hand? It must have been hundreds! I admire your talent. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.

    • Thank you! I made one illustration that I photographed and then printed about a hundred card that I had to cut and fold and add the thread with the cloud and the little pink ribbons 😉

  11. How lovely. I’m so excited to see this and find you. I loved hand cutting my own girls’ announcements. I remember getting them ready beforehand – all but the final details (since we didn’t know the gender). I now carry on this tradition for our holiday cards each year.

    One year I did hand cut 100 holiday cards – I find it relaxing – but yes, slightly crazy as well.

    Just beautiful.

  12. chloé this is simply the cutest baby announcement card EVER! love the tiny details and the matching colours of lula’s nursery! lula is so cute! congratulations you guys!

  13. Bonjour, je m’appelle Coraline, et depuis plus d’un an et demi je suis collectionneuse de Faire-part de naissance !
    Et en voyant le magnifique Faire-part de votre petite fille, je me permet de vous demander si vous accepteriez de m’envoyer son Faire-part de naissance ?
    Bien sur je comprend tout a fait le fait que vous refusiez de me l’envoyer !
    Si vous voulez j’ai une page facebook sur ma collection, je peut vous la donner.

    Je vous donne mon E-mail :

    Merci d’avance de votre réponse,

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  15. what brilliant folds & sentiment. So beautiful!!

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