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1/ Take a look at my baby shower photos!

2/ My parents just arrived from France to welcome our little girl, hopefully she’ll arrive soon. My mum had a lot of fun shopping and here is one of my favorite, an adorable baby cat heads legging from Zara!

3/ After posting photos of my nursery on the blog I received a lot of paper bunnies order, thank you for all my customers!

4/ My baby nursery, and a blanket I made as my first knitting project.

5/ Paper pineapple, watermelon and popsicle I made to decorate my baby shower.

6/ My baby bump at 37 weeks.

7/ Beautiful vintage navajo jewelry I found at Alameda’s flea market last weekend.

8/ I am a contributor on the september issue of Yoga Journal, I illustrated a story about happiness as the workplace. I’ll post more on the blog soon.

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