My baby shower

Sorry for the silence these last couple of weeks. I’ve been busy working on custom bunnies orders after my baby nursery post! Thank you to all the customers and for all the compliments you wrote about it. I am finally done with all the cleaning/rearranging our home to welcome baby and getting the last things we needed from our long list. I am 9 days until the due date and so ready for her to come out, these last days feel so long! My parents are flying from France tomorrow and I am so excited to have them here for a month. I haven’t seen them since christmas and you can imagine how excited they are to welcome their first grand-child! My mum had a lot of fun shopping, she’s bringing one luggage full of baby clothes! Like mother, like daughter!

A couple weeks ago was my baby shower! I had a wonderful time thanks to my friends Zoé and Sarah who organized it. The food was delicious, the weather was fantastic! My friends who already have kids shared their stories and I received awesome presents! Both useful and adorable! My baby is one lucky lady! Here are some photos shot by my friend Kara, talented photographer!

Jordan, the party specialist from Oh happy day wrapped beautifully her present! She knows me well! Pompoms, colors makes me happy!Pretty ladies! Sarah, awesome photographer at Modern Kids Co. (she shot my maternity style a few weeks ago) and Lisa super talented fashion stylist!

The lovely Katie, editor at Refinery 29 came with her adorable baby boy Diego which gave me the opportunity to practice cuddling!I received this very cool polka dots lion from my friends Sonia who owns the online kids shop Sunday in Color!

(Photos by Kara Brodgesell)

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  1. Ça avait l’air très cool cet évènement ! C’est beau comme tout ! Vivement l’arrivée du bébé 😉

  2. Ces photos sont sublimes!!!

  3. Congrats! The decorations are so sweet. Love that “Oh Baby” Popsicle…pinata?

  4. looks like a lot of fun! and you are glowing!!

  5. PRETTIEST PREGGERS EVER! So honored to be a part of your big day (with Diego, too!).

  6. Trop belles ces photos! j’aurai vraiment aimé venir! bisous

  7. What a beautiful mumma you are, just gorgeous! All the very best. x

  8. Dear Chloe, be happy with your new life of mom!

  9. Oh, la décoration est tout simplement adorable ! Vivement l’arrivée de ta petite puce :)

  10. hi chloé! you are the CUTEST mama to be i think i’ve ever seen – seriously sweet pregnant style! congrats on the upcoming babe! totally cute party, love the awesome pineapple, watermelon and drippy popsicle backdrop! all the best to you!

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  12. What a fabulous baby shower! I have to ask where your adorable outfit is from!?

  13. Hermoso, aca en Peru la costumbre es algo diferenfe, pero la idea en general es fresca y tranquila llena de frutas, justo como me gusta.

  14. Where are your shorts from?

  15. I know its been literally years but where did you get the vest from? So cute!

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