Welcome to my Baby’s Bunnyland!

This is half of my studio I transformed into my baby’s nursery in the past few months and I had so much fun doing it! I opted for white, blush pink, grey, and mint as the color palette.

I knitted the pompoms pillow myself, I started to learn knitting recently and this was my first project! I made the paper bunnies as well, I’ve had a lot of practice on these thanks to all my customers 😉 The cloud pillow is from Kokokoshop on Etsy and the triangles on the wallare stickers from MUR! They offer many shapes and colors and you can create your own pattern. Fun!

Proud of my first knitted blanket! It’s so fun when you know how to knit because you can create your own design and choose the colors you want! I just know how to make stripes for know, I hope soon I’ll be able to make motifs like triangles, hearts… Also I find it very relaxing to knit during pregnancy, I hope I’ll still have the time to practice when my baby is here, I have a lot more to learn! Next on my list: baby booties!

The mint and white rug is from Urban outfitters and the furry one from Ikea.I made the cloud wooden hooks. I drew the clouds on illustrator and had them laser cut on wood. The adorable fringed sweater is a gift from my friend Lisa, it is handknitted by designer Kkibo in Los Angeles. The pink bunnies tunic is from BabyGap, this is the first thing I bought for my baby girl. The cloud maternity bag is from Zara home.These cute little moccasins are from Freshly Picked, I wish I had all the colors! You can buy my bunnies here, I do custom orders, any colors and decorations you like! Just email me at hello@chloefleury.comThese baby booties are from Needlheadcrafts on Etsy as well!I can tell you I spent a lot of time shopping on Etsy! Here is a knitted crown by Lace and Cable.The CD player is from Muji and the baby tandem bikes blanket from Little Hip Squeaks. I discovered the work of Maiwenn Philouze on Pinterest and I was so charmed by her bunny doll I couldn’t resist ordering one! It is so delicate and cute. Bunnies everywhere! As you can see I am more than ready to welcome my baby girl, my due date is in 3 weeks. I can’t believe she could arrive any day now. I am so so excited!

(Photos by Modern Kids Co. and me)

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  1. Quelle merveilleuse chambre de bébé !! J’adore la palette de couleur que vous avez choisi. Puis-je vous demander où vous avez trouvé cette superbe chaises à bascule rose ?

  2. Chloé tu as un talent fou, cette baby nursery est magnifique, tout s’accorde à merveille !! Bon courage pour les quelques semaines d’attentes 🙂

  3. Coucou Chloé ! J’avais tellement la tête dans le travail que je n’étais pas revenu sur ton blog depuis longtemps. Et whoua ! Cette chambre est juste magnifique, de même que les photos. C’est digne d’un magazine de décoration ! Et je suis bien sûr vraiment plus que ravie de voir mon petit lapin occuper une place dans cet univers, il s’accorde vraiment bien à l’ensemble 🙂 Merci encore mille fois Chloé pour avoir adopté ce petit lapin, je vois qu’il a déjà trouvé sa place sur ce joli fauteuil rose et j’en suis plus qu’heureuse^^ Je suis sûre que ton bébé se plaira beaucoup dans cette magnifique chambre.

  4. So sweet! I’m guessing the crib is from Ikea? Can you tell me where the changing table is from? They look great together!

  5. This is the most beautiful and perfect nursery! I love everything about it! I especially love your bunnies though! Looks like I’ll have to wait a few weeks until your shop is open again before I can buy some for my girls!! Can’t wait!!

  6. Wow tout est sublime, chaque détail est parfaitement choisi, je suis ravie d’être tombée sur ton blog je pense que je vais y passer du temps 😀

  7. Une chambre absolument magnifique, quel talent !
    J’aime tout particulièrement les lapins. Combien coûtent-ils ?

    Merci 🙂

  8. Absolutely fell in love with your colour palette! What is the grey wall colour you used – stunning!
    Congrats on your cute little arrival!

  9. Hi Chloe,
    I love your nursery and your illustrations and your fashion and…basically just everything! Your little girl is adorable. I was just wondering if you remember if you bought the faux sheepskin or the sheepskin rug from Ikea? Going by the photos on Ikea I think the faux looks nicer and that looks like what yours is? Are you happy with it? I haven’t got an Ikea near me so I haven’t seen it in person. I will have to order it online.
    Thank you

  10. Bonjour Chloé,
    J adore cette chambre, les couleurs, l ambiance, … Ça m a donné envie de faire la même pour mon bébé!
    Tu ne vends pas les patères nuages? Impossible d’en trouver de si jolis…

  11. Hi Chloe, I saw your nursery post on Apartment Therapy. It is beautiful and fun! I read that the half of the room is your office. Could I please see the picture of the office side of the room? How big is your room? We are living in a small condo in urban area of LA, so we are also thinking about half nursery and half office idea. Thank you! Oh, and your daughter is so cute!

  12. Your nursery is absolutely beautiful!! What stitch did you use for your blanket? It looks soft & so pretty for a little girl!

  13. Gorgeous! I would love to make this blanket – did you use a pattern? And what brand of yarn did you use – I have been trying to find these colors! Thanks 🙂

    1. thank you! I didn’t use a pattern. I used a mix of yarn I can’t remember all the brands but I know for some of them it’s Martha Stewart, she has really great colors.

  14. Bonjour Chloé ! J’adore la couverture que tu as faite ! Est-ce possible de savoir sur quoi tu t’es basé pour la faire ? Merci !

    1. hello, merci! je ne me suis basée sur rien a part mon imagination et la palette de couleurs que j’avais choisi pour la chambre de Lula. Cette couverture était mon tout premier project tricot, j’ai utilisé un seul point pour la faire 😉

  15. Hi Chloe, I just discovered your blog and I love your style! Everything is so pretty here in her room. I know I am super late lol! But I wanted to ask where did you get those woven baskets? Thank you. I happened to pick up the same changing table today!

  16. Hello!! I love the blanket and pom pom pillow that you made!! Do you have a pattern for either or both? What stitch did you use on the blanket???

  17. I love your triangle decals on the wall in the nursery! What colour and size are they? I might order it from MUR as well…please let me know..thanks!

  18. Hi! I loved your bunnies, I was searching for them in your website but everythog is sold out, could I order those same bunnies??

  19. Whouah! Magnifique ! On dirait la chambre de ma petite fille ! J’adore les stickers, au moins on peut changer rapidement de déco !! Pour mon petit garçon je lui ai pris un sticker de porte cowboy ! C’est super mignon 😉

  20. Wow, cette chambre est très jolie ! La rocking chair et les accessoires en pelote sont ceux qui m’ont le plus attiré ! Je vais certainement m’inspirer de ces décorations pour aménager la chambre de mon petit bout de chou.

  21. Bonjour Chloé,
    Cette chambre est superbe!
    J’adore toutes ces couleurs pastels et j’ai beaucoup craqué sur la couleur grise du mur, légèrement bleuté on dirait même!
    Pourrais-tu me donner la référence de cette peinture stp?
    Merci beaucoup 🙂

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