Hawaii diary part 1

I just got back from a fantastic one week vacation in Maui, Hawaii and I was so happy to finally be able to wear comfortable clothes like dresses, sandals… It can be really challenging to find nice clothes when pregnant, especially pants! All the cool pants I have. I can’t wear them anymore, or I have to unbutton every time I sit down which can be really annoying and not very “classy”. The nice maternity clothes are very expensive and I refuse to spend too much money for clothes that I will wear only a few months. So now, I like to play even more with accessorizes: colorful jewelries, purse, nail polish, hat…

(Zara hat – H&M mirror shades – Friendship bracelet I made – Billagong purse – A&E dress)

These photos were taken in Big Beach, where I liked to spend most of my time in Maui. This is one of the largest and most beautiful beach on the island. It is located in the south west, in Makena State Park.

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