A saturday morning in the Outer Sunset

Outerlands is my favorite place to go for brunch during the weekend. We always have to wait at least half an hour to be seated but it’s worth it, I just love the vibe in the outer sunset. Especially coming back from Hawaii, I just wanted to be close to the ocean!

So we usually put our name on the list and then go to General Store which is a really cool design/clothes/accessorizes shop right next door and Mollusk, the surf shop: it currently host a really cool photo exhibition worth checking it out. It’s called The Goodwin Project, a young family leaving their home in Kauai to travel. I am particularly touched by it because it’s my dream! You can see some photos of the exhibition below and watched a video here, I am pretty sure it is your dream too.

Establish is a few blocks away from Mollusk, on Noriega st. and is definitely worth the walk! It is a super cute and colorful store I discovered not too long ago. This is everything I like, form colorful macrame plants holder, to tie and dye tote bags or scarf, vintage objects, skateboards, navajo blankets, cool baskets and beautiful jewelry. I just feel very relaxed and inspired when I am there. Each piece is beautifully displayed and emits this beachy vibe! Plus it’s really affordable!

And here we are! Back to Outerlands for a delicious brunch!

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