It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…episode 1

What are you guys doing this weekend? I am going with a few friends to get our Christmas trees. There’s a farm in Petaluma where you can choose and cut your own tree. How fun is that? Some people would say it’s a bit early for it, but I’m leaving the 18th for London to spend Christmas with my family (can’t wait!), and I want at least a couple weeks to enjoy the smell of the tree in my living room. I know my cat will be happy too! She likes to climb in it, play with the decorations, hide and jump on me when I pass by.

Come back next week for the episode two and see how I decorated it!

I wish you all a lovely weekend. Oh and no it doesn’t snow in San Francisco, only in my dreams…

I saw these Christmas decorations at a vintage shop last week and this car on valencia st., it made me want to make my own paper one. I hope you like it!

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  1. What beautiful little creations you’ve made – as always 🙂
    I’m heading off to Petaluma to find a Christmas tree very soon too. I’ve never been to a Christmas tree farm and cut my own tree before so I’m looking forward to it. My kids are super excited too – maybe even more than me. Maybe.
    Let’s hope we both find trees as perfect as your little paper ones 🙂

  2. This is so cute, I love your(all) illustration(s)!
    I will really miss the snow too this year, I moved to Sydney, and by 30°C on the beach, no chance to see a snowflake at all 🙂
    It will be my first Christmas far from home and family, so I’ve prepared an Advent Calendar to share on my website :, have a look if you want!
    I wish you happy holidays!

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