On a rainy day…

THIS is all I want! Be in my bed, under a cozy warm fluffy blanket, watching a good movie while eating waffles and drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows!

And you? What do you like to do when it’s rainy outside?

Have a lovely cozy weekend.

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  1. Nice!
    Moi ce serait un chocolat chaud blanc (yummy yummy) ou un petit thé. Je garde bien sûr la couverture et le film (les “goonies” pq pas, dans le genre souvenirs souvenirs). Avec n’importe quelles douceurs sucrées… ;0)

    Bon weekend!

  2. mmmm j’adore le chocolat chaud blanc aussi!! Les goonies aussi! A cette periode j’ai me petite tradition de me refaire des films comme Home Alone, Love actually… 😉

  3. I’ve been wearing summer clothes only for more than a year now and it’s been so good but when I look at @ullajohnson new Fall collection, I have to say I can’t wait for the cooler days.

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