(Vest – Daughters of the LiberationPants – BullheadDenim shirt – H&M, Necklace – Free PeopleBoots – Dolce Vita)

I love fashion and it’s a big inspiration in my illustration work. I’d love to post once a week a look that incorporate a paper object. For this first one, I thought it would be cool to make a few paper gems inspired by the pattern on the back of my vest. I immediately fell in love with this really cool vest when I saw it at Anthropologie. Army jackets really made their come back lately, I love in this one that the back is a sweater.

I am on Corona heights for the sunset, one of my favorite spot to admire the view in San Francisco.

(Photos by Anais)



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15. November 2012 by wearehop
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  1. Lovely, love fashion inspiration too.

  2. L’atmosphère rendu sur les photos est vraiment belle! La “mousse” sur les rochers qui rappelle la couleur du motif de ta veste c’est très intéressant… et l’insertion de ton travail en papier, j’adore! :0)


  3. i love that you are doing this chloe! can’t wait to see the next post! xoxoxo

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