Anthology Magazine / A Cut Above

After sharing with you the cover of Anthology issue 6 i illustrated and animated, here is some photos of the inside: more illustrations, a photoshoot in my studio and a little story about my work!

For the background of the Editor’s Letter, they took a picture of my halloween girl I recently made and was sitting on my desk!

The Making the Magazine double spread illustrations:

As an introduction to my story, a photo of my desk…

Me cutting some wishbones for the Making the Magazine illustrations.

Of course Maggie was here to pose as well! Same for my lady on the scooter I made for the happy fall illustration and the ice-cream truck I made for a Bold Italic illustration.

Remember the Paper Rabbit Bust I created a few months ago? you can find the template with the instructions in my little story!

And it is so good to see the magazine I illustrated on the shelves of one of my favorite shop in San Francisco: Anthropologie!!! I hope I can collaborate with them one day on a window display!

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  1. Oh my word! Chloe, your work is incredible! We’re all the way down in South Africa and are so sad that we can’t can’t get the magazine here 🙁 Is there any other way we could get a hold of the bunny template? We’d love to have one in our office 🙂

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