My Work Space

I finally found some time to arrange my work space and organize my tools! My boyfriend helped me making this shelve, so I can line up all my ribbons, hole punchers, scissors…

An inspired Singer sewing machine I made in paper for an illustration I will show you soon!

White Ikea vases for my tools. Paper rabbit head I just made, I’ll be selling those soon!

Some vintage ribbon, yarn and stamps.

Some cool paper straws I got at The Curiosity Shoppe, a paper flower I made and vintage gold yarn my mom got me at a french flea market.

Vintage silver yarn I found at the Alameda flea market.

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  1. Hey tҺᥱrе! Ι’νe bеen fοllⲟաіng ʏⲟuг ѕіtе fօг ɑ lօng tіmе noѡ
    ɑnd finallу ǥоt thе ϲoᥙгage tо ցⲟ ahᥱaԁ ɑnd ցіνе үоᥙ a ѕҺߋᥙt օᥙt frօm ᗪаllaѕ Τеxaѕ!
    Јuѕt ԝаntеԁ
    tо tеlⅼ ʏоu қеeр
    uр tһе fantаѕtіc

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