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28. October 2014 by wearehop
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Sunday At The Pumpkin Patch



Fall has always been my favorite season, for all the fun and festive traditions.  I love the cooler weather, the little hikes in the woods, rainy days under the blanket watching movies while drinking a hot chocolate, cooking, illustrating (some of my fall inspired illustrations here, here and here), wearing hats and boots and cozy sweaters, and going to the pumpkin patch!









27. October 2014 by wearehop
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Have A Wonderful Weekend!



Sorry for the lack of post lately, these past couple weeks have been a little complicated between Lula sick, the jet lag and the big pile of work that was waiting for me when we came back from vacation. Thank god my new intern just arrived and Lula seems to finally getting better. I hate seeing her so weak, she is usually such a happy girl with a lot of energy and almost never cries.

Here are some new illustrations I made for the Netherlands magazine Libelle. This is for a guide about going outdoor on adventures with your girlfriends. All I am thinking about right now! In 14 months with Lula, I never spent a night away from her, not even a full day. I never felt the need to escape for a little bit and I love so much spending the weekends with my little family, those moments are so precious to me. But maybe it would be the time for a nice weekend to relax with friends…rent a little cabin in the woods and explore nature.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of adventures!



18. October 2014 by wearehop
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Last Day In Lyon, France


It was our last day in my hometown, Lyon a couple weeks ago. A sunny sunday morning walk along the docks with my family followed by a delicious lunch at Les Halles, oysters and mussels on the menu…

Last week we were in magical Morocco, I will share photos soon. We got back in San Francisco a couple days ago after one month of vacation. We are still super jet-lagged and also sick. I hope we’ll all feel better soon, I have so much work to do! Thank you to all my customers for your orders, they will be shipped very soon. Thank you all for your support, I am so glad you love my products and I love to see your photos on Instagram, keep sharing!

Have a beautiful weekend!







sunday_family_3(Photos by my sister and me)


10. October 2014 by wearehop
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Mother Daughter Style #23


A little variation from the outfits we wore at the parc. Same vests, different shoes and shirts. This faux-fur vest is just so comfortable I could sleep with it!

Lula is wearing a Madewell scarf, Zara tee-shirt, cardigan, pants and h&m vest, and of course Freshly Picked mocassins! I am wearing a Zara vest and tee, Levi’s denim and Golden Goose boots.

And tomorrow, we are flying to Morocco! I am super excited! Have a beautiful week!










28. September 2014 by wearehop
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Hello Fall!


We went to the park this afternoon for a little walk with my family. I love so much those first days of autumn when you feel that first crisp breeze! The temperature dropped by almost 10 degrees this week, summer is officially gone. Lula and I can wear our new vests! Hello my favorite season! (well, not for long because we are going to Morocco next week)

Lula started walking by herself a couple days ago! This is the cutest thing ever! I got her a mini stroller and a doll at Le Petit Souk in Lyon this morning and she loooves them! (I also fell for this one I first saw in Paris a couple weeks ago)

















Lula is wearing Zara hat, pants and cardigan, H&M faux-fur vest and Verbaudet boots. I am wearing a Zara kids vest, J. Crew shirt, Levi’s denim pants and Vans sneakers from Madewell.

25. September 2014 by wearehop
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My Little Clouds in Lyla Honey’s nursery


Hello! Today I wanted to share Lyla Honey’s adorable nursery featuring my cloud hooks. I love to receive photos from my customers. Thank you for sharing Alicia!

24. September 2014 by wearehop
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White, Pink, Grey Bunnies Back in Stock!


Hello and happy friday! I just wanted to let you know that the white, pink and grey bunnies kits are back in stock! Enjoy shopping and have a beautiful weekend!

19. September 2014 by wearehop
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13 Months!

bestfriendMy little sunshine turned 13 months yesterday. She is a super happy baby, smiling to everyone, dancing every time she ears music and she even starts dancing as soon as I put the CD player on and there’s no music yet. She is a talker! She has so much to say and point things all the time. She’s been walking with a little bit of our help these past weeks but yesterday she did the first three steps by herself when she saw her great grand-mother arrive. We just bought her first real shoes that will help her walk. It was so cute to measure her feet in the shop! She is size 20!

We’ve been spending so much time outside in the garden and by the pool since we arrived at my parents. And the dog is always around, so excited to see her. They go explore together. She gives him wood sticks she finds, she also loves to share, she shares her food with him, and with us too, she shares her toys, pacifier…

I am so excited for the next months, it is so fun to watch her becoming a little girl! Oh and she has 6 teeth now! She only had 2 at the bottom last week, and this weekend 4 at the top popped out all at the same time.

18. September 2014 by wearehop
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Enjoying the last days of summer in France!


Remember the swan floater we had at Lula’s birthday party? Well, he travelled back to France with my parents to welcome us in the pool when we arrived last week. It feels so good to do nothing but relax by the pool. We were in Paris and Ile de Ré last weekend and we are going to Aix-en-Provence (where I studied and I haven’t been back there for 8 years!), Sainte-Maxime and Saint-Tropez this weekend and Morocco at the end of the month, I can’t wait! It is the first time in 6 years that I spend more than 2 weeks in France and it is really nice to have more time to relax between running everywhere to see family and friends…


16. September 2014 by wearehop
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